I've decided I want to make as many friends on the Ning as I possibly can :)

So I thought this would be a good way to start!
And by friends, I don't mean just adding you to my little friends list... I want to get to know you guys! 

I'll start with a little bit about myself.

My name is Lisa, occasionally I'll go by Liz.
I'm 19, live in Colorado and am made of awesome.
I like Harry Potter, music, and all around fun things.
I work at Red Robin and a New Balance store. 
I kind of go to school, but I'm only taking one class this semester. Which is math for liberal art students.
and I don't like math that much... 
So, who are you?
How are you?

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Hmm. It just hit me that you're 16 and probably couldn't join a roller derby group... well, maybe with your mothers permission...
Hit hard. XD
Thanks :)
I've only been in Washington since July, but I really hate it here. I miss my friends and just life in Alaska in general, so I am really excited to move back. It is kind of ridiculous though; I moved down for less than a year and then am moving back up.
I don't know about being a roller girl. :P I'm more into long distance blading on trails. It's a lot of fun! But
I hope that you can become re-fearless. I can go down a huge hill no problem, but I think roller derby is a little too much for me.
lol yeah, I can get that.
Why did you move down to Washington?
(and why do I always spell "washington" without a g? How annoying...)
What kind of roller blades do you have?
My name is Rachel and I just discovered via this forum and it makes me unbelievably happy.

I'm a student a IUN. Working on Computer Information Services degree but I also take a ton of Literature classes. I have a dog Bayer and I've been a nerd so long I can't remember ever taking the word as an insult.

I'm 26 and that makes me nervous because so many people on this forum are really young. And while I remember being young I now think people 18 and younger are dangerous to me somehow.This may have to do with my brother being 19 and incredibly dangerous to my mental health. He's so reckless. AH!

I can't wait to make nerdfighter friends because my friends got me to be a nerdfighter in the first place. ROCK!

My name is Sarah. The "boo" at the end is entirely optional.
I'm 27 years old and I live in Montana. There is some awesome in my chemistry, I'm sure.
I am looking forward to reading the Harry Potter series to my kids, of which I have two. Ben is 4 years old, Ethan is 17 months.
I work at a psychology clinic on a university campus.
I have a BA in English and would love to one day return to get my Master's.

Nice to meet you. :)
That's Ethan. He's got "The Rage" in that picture.

Hey, don't know if you are still in Colorado or if your near the Denver area, but we are starting a Denver nerdfighters commnity, so if you want to check it out just search Denver Nerdfighters on facebook!



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