Jesse St. James

- Lurks in the shadows
- Ridiculously talented because he has been practicing for hundreds of years
- The Madonna song he sang for the Madge episode was Burning Up (bonus track on album). Why is he burning up for her love? BECAUSE HE WENT INTO THE SUN!
- Looks like he is going to eat Rachael's face when kissing her, because he wants to drink her virgin blood.
- His voice is hypnotic.
- Appears to live in the library. Coffin in the basement, perhaps?
-  We have yet to see his reflection in a mirror or his shadow?
- His name. Seriously. Only vampires have that sort of name. He may as well be called Jesse the Bloody.

C'mon people! Do you see it?!

Any other clues? Let's mix some fandoms!

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You are so right I see it now. Look how good he was at brooding after he got in a fight with Rachel. Totally a vampire
True Story. Plus his stamina. That much dancing while carrying Bohemian Rhapsody? Vampire.


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