Can we take a minute and take about this crazy girl name Jessi? If you don't know what's going on, the gist of it is that an 11 year old girl made youtube videos and people sent her death threats and left hate comments. Since this is a community where youtube is pretty important, I thought it'd be interesting to see how other nerfighters feel about this. Personally, I think her parents have very little right to sue anyone. If they do go to court, I don't expect them to win. Any other thoughts?

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She dun goof'd.

I think that she's whiny as all hell and needs to get the hell over herself, but there was no need to post her address, numbers, school, etc, all over the web. Anyone threatening her should get arrested. It's one thing to hate on a YouTube video. It's another thing to threaten somebody online, especially if the threats are things that can actually be done in real life. I'd sue if my kid was getting threats, even if they were a pottymouthed slut.
Thanks for posting that link, since I had no idea what the story was really about.

Anyway, yeah, trolls shouldn't have done what they did, but her parents should have been paying more attention to what she was doing. I watched all of the videos at that link and my first reaction, at least to the first video, was 'this is just like Maury, except on the internet. This means that this can't end well.' Yes, she was only 11, but she was also an 11-year-old who was posting nudes and threats, which only invites the same thing in kind, sadly. Just like many others, I've been a victim of internet bullying too (maybe not to this degree but the bullying was done by people I knew in RL) and it sucks, but because of it, you learn how to behave on the internet.

I have sympathy for her because the situation sucks, but beyond that, I don't really see her as being any better than the trolls. She baited them, they bit, and this is the result. My biggest concern was, where were the parents? In the first video at that link she talks about getting coon-tails and snake bites (piercings), and I'm pretty sure the level of face palming I did was beyond epic levels. What parent lets their 11-year-old get two piercings and coon-tails? And then what parent lets their child post nudes on the internet? I don't know, it just seems that to me, the parents weren't present and that is the heart of the issue, really.

(Also, it seems my former /b/tardness is showing. Sorry...I think I've become almost apathetic to this sort of thing.)
I don't think that letting a kid get lip rings or fake, ugly hair extensions is that bad. For my 13th birthday, I got my cartilage pierced and dyed the ends of my hair pink.

But I agree, the parents are the ones who epic failed the most.

What if she did this all on purpose to get attention and troll the world? I mean, I'm almost half-expecting her to make a new video that tells people how much they've been trolled and how they wasted so much time talking about a third grader. We have no way of knowing if she was just that dumb or just that good. I mean, hell, if I had a time machine, I'd hop on it in a heartbeat, make myself 11 again, and troll the world Jessi-style. XD
Well, cartilage is one thing, a facial piercing is another. I had to wait, and beg and plead, to get my eyebrow done. My mothers main point being that I was still young, would probably change my mind, and that it would be harder to be to get a job. She was right, which is why I removed it. But that's neither here nor there; I don't agree with letting a child that young get a facial piercing, but that's just me.

I think I grew up in a totally different internet era. Back in the day when HTML sites were all the rage and the brighter your website was, the more awesome it was! I had a webcam back then, and had a website for it, but I never thought about using it to troll anyone. But maybe it would've been fun (she says, looking back on things through her devious adult glasses)
I'd probably not let my kid get a lip ring because they're painfully overdone and all the annoying scenies have them lol. No scene kids in my house. But then again, I'm trying to disown my cousin for listening religiously to Brokencyde. Depending on the kid, I'd probably say no to eyebrow only because I've heard sooooo many horror stories about them getting ripped out and leaving awful scars. If the kid seemed super-duper careful and didn't do any sports that had contact, wore helmets, or anything like that, I might allow it. Ear? Sure. Nose? Of course. Eyebrow? Too risky for a little kid. As for the job thing, you can always take it out, just get it done a month or 2 before you plan on going for an interview. It's not like an implant or tattoo that's permanent. But yeah, totally different issue.

I don't know if I had a webcam or not as a kid. All I did was post on the forums way too much. Hah, some things never change. When I was really little, we had dial-up. The sound of it always brings back good memories. Then, we ditched the Gateway 2000 and bought a Macbook with wi-fi. I started using the real internet when I was 13. I did a bit of dinky little forum trolling (making fake accounts of Moses, Britney Spears, etc.) but never anything like troll the world via PooTube.
the gist of it is that an 11 year old girl made youtube videos and people sent her death threats and left hate comments

This is Youtube. I've seen death threats and hate comments on videos about how to bake apple pie.
These threats were serious and constant, though. These people found out her address, sent things to her house, and even called her. It's not just "YOU SUCK AT MAKIN PIES I HOPE YOU DIE OF OF SMALLPOX" or a dumb threat like that. Hate comments are obnoxious, but it's Youtube. Threats, especially serious ones that people could actually act on, should be taken seriously.
Threats, especially serious ones that people could actually act on, should be taken seriously.

I agree. But as you stated, it's Youtube. This girl annoyed people, so someone found out her address and phone number and posted it, and some people called her house. This is nothing to call out the national guard for, just assholes being assholes.
Calling a person's house repeatedly with intention of bugging/scaring them is stalking. Stalking is illegal. The whole thing where people sent her birthday cards is just trolling. I admit it, it's kinda funny. But stalking somebody, especially an 11-year-old is just plain wrong. Calling once is one thing, but I mean, it's /b/ that we're talking about, so I doubt it was just "Ohai Jessi, nice pics!" /hangupandnevercallback.

But the replies to her videos that were just "AMG U SUX SHUT YOUR LEGS N EAT SOME SOAP" are fine.
Yep. But one thing we learned from this is that the "cyber police" might not be the most effective tactic.
Hah, yeah.

Where the hell was her dad from, anyway? His accent was... interesting lol.
Personally, I think that she dun goofed, and that consequences will never be the same. They back-traced her, and in the end, the cyberpolice got everything under control and she learned her lesson.


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