Can we take a minute and take about this crazy girl name Jessi? If you don't know what's going on, the gist of it is that an 11 year old girl made youtube videos and people sent her death threats and left hate comments. Since this is a community where youtube is pretty important, I thought it'd be interesting to see how other nerfighters feel about this. Personally, I think her parents have very little right to sue anyone. If they do go to court, I don't expect them to win. Any other thoughts?

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Well-said. /applause
Can I love this comment?
...That girl is 11? o.0 Wow.
Agreed 100%. I didn't hear that one of the trolls posed as a cop.

The only thing I think that they should be allowed to do is bash her videos, but even that, it shouldn't involve threats or anything of that sort.
I was really saddened when I saw the videos and all the media attention directed toward the girl and all those people. I think that her parents should have allowed her to put herself out of Youtube like that. She's 11 years old! There passive, new-age parenting really sucks. If anyone is being sued, it should be those parents.
I'm only 15, but I have a sister that's 12. I would never let her put herself out there like that, it just isn't appropriate.
As for the people who released her address and home phone number, the should be punished. At 11 we all did some stupids things--granted, maybe not as stupid as making videos where you call out and bully people--but she's still a kid. Threatening her and calling her house is not just creepy, it's harrassment.
I guess this is the price we pay for living in such an internet crazy age......


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