what kind of job would it be inappropriate to start singing? mime, doctor, cashier?

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food eating contests.
Is that really a job?
Gynecologist, akward
Someone said cashier...I'm not really a cashier, but I work at Tim Horton's which is close enough.  I sing all the time with my manager.  She recently asked, in an interview, if a prospective employee would be comfortable singing along with us.

Cemetery Maintenance Person

Librarian. Obvious one.
Sports commentator (actually that one would be kind of cool)
Chuck Norris (yes that's a job)


So this is a bit of a story I suppose.
I went to cosmetology school.

I would do Brazilian waxes on my friend. 
I would sing to her to distract from the pain.

I feel if I were to do this in real life, on a client, this may be a bit inappropriate. 


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