I just bought all of John's books for myself for Christmas but i'm conflicted about which one i should read

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I'd say Paper Towns. It's been my favorite thus far.
Looking for Alaska! Or Will Grayson, Will Grayson. All of them are FANTASTIC, though!!
Start with Alaska! I read them all in chronological order, and I'm glad I did. I liked seeing the progression of John's writing.
I read paper towns first but Looking For Alaska is a definite close second...

Looking For Alaska or Will Grayson

They're pretty amazing.


I read them in chronological order too :) That worked well for me.

looking for alaska, paper towns, wg, wg, katherines. 

that's how they rank in my opinion.

Looking For Alaska is, in my opinion, John's most profound and greatest book. Each one has a big idea that is central to the story, but I found Alaska to be his most moving book. That will get you hooked on his writing style, but then again, maybe you should save the best for last... :)


I know everyone has different opinions on his books, but I'd say it's best to read them in the order in which he wrote them.

When in doubt read the one that was published first.

i tend to agree.  i've been trying for a couple of months to talk my brother and sister into reading tfios...but i almost think i should try to get them to read Alaska first, for this reason...and because i worry that, (great though the rest are,) tfios being the best, if they love it like i do, the rest could be a let down.

papertown :3

I read Paper Towns first... I thought that was a fantastic introduction to John Green books. :)


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