John Green's books aren't sold at Barnes & Nobles


why not?

more sadface.

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Really? I always see them at B&N. Is it possible yours was just sold out or something?
Careful with creating threads you created a duplicate. Also, to the best of my knowledge, they are sold. Could be as Runa said, you might have just been unlucky
I asked a guy, which I hate doing. he said they dont carry his publishing company.
Well, they definitely sell them at the Barnes and Noble in Ventura.
I know. I was just there. And I left Nerdfighter notes.
They have them at mine. I've left Nerdfighter notes in them.
Maybe because you're living in a fantasy world? I've searched very hard, and there is not a single "Barnes and Nobles" bookstore in existence. Made up bookstores don't sell John Green books.

However, I did buy my girlfriend that new one (whatever the hell it was called) a few months back at a Barnes and Noble, so if you need a bookstore that sells his books, Barnes and Noble should be good.
Actually, when you google "Barnes and Nobles," the first thing that comes up is the B&N home page, and it's called "Barnes and Nobles." So technically you (and we) are wrong. Try it. I believe it's called "Barnes and Noble's Booksellers," meaning that Barnes and Noble are people, and the stores belong to them.

That's a link to Barnes and Noble. Throughout the website the store is called "Barnes and Noble". You should really do the research (or in this case a 5 second glance at the website) before calling someone wrong. Otherwise you wind up looking like an idiot.
No, I did look at that. I did see it. I did click around the website.
But it's still there, on the website. So your sarcastic comment earlier was unjustified. Yes, most of the time it's without the "s," but it's still there sometimes. Therefore it's not a "made up bookstore." He/she is not living in a "fantasy world."

Did you ever take Geometry? In the case of theorems and postulates, one counterexample proves the entire statement false (or at least not an objective truth). There is my counterexample.

Therefore I maintain that you are wrong, and I think you know it, too. Otherwise you wouldn't have implied I look like an idiot.
Citation(s) needed. You claim that somewhere in the universe the name is spelled with the "'s", but you have not provided a single example.
Maybe your B&N is too small. Small book stores only carry the really big names.


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