which one does everybody like more? John or Hank? which of the videos do you watch more of?


I personally watch Hank's more than John's

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I watch both of them equally, and completely. They're both unique and interesting enough to keep me entertained for the whole video, without me liking one or the other more.
first bias comment
sorry Hank, I love ya. I really do.
But I saw John's first, fell in love with question tuesday, adored the books
We're cool though, right Hank?
I was a huge fan of his books before I was aware of nerdfighteria...and it doesn't help that Hank looks like my decepticon of an ex.
I mean, I still love him to death and everything, I don't have anything AGAINST him...John was just my first love.

I love them both to death, I have to say.  They're both incredible guys, who I would hug every day for the rest of my life if I could.  Although, despite my no-picking-favorites attitude, there's something in me that screams "John."


I wrote a "thank you for being awesome" thing, that I proceeded to "Ask" them on tumblr, planning to send it to both of them.  I only sent it to John, for reasons unknown to even me.  I was unbelievably happy to learn that my birthday (Monday June 6) would be a John video.  I re-read Paper Towns more often then I read Eco-Geek.  When I think of Awesome, it's John's face that comes to mind, not both like it used to be. 


I think my subconscious is trying to tell me to prefer John, and, no matter what I do, I can't help but listen.

I love them both and I watch all of their videos and, honestly, I think they're both equally hilarious, but... as a total literature geek, I have to say John. I love Hank and his music and nerd jokes and videos about quantum physics, but I love John and his books and literature knowledge more. Sorry, Hank!


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