Just got my AP Lit reading list What Should I Read?

just received my AP reading list consisting of about 150 classic novels and i have to read one over the summer which one should i read?
What is your favorite classic novel?
What should i stay away from?
Please Help.
(sorry i didn't include list, but you can probably guess what is on it)

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Um... I don't know if either of these are "AP merit" because I didn't read them in AP classes, but I like Johnny Got His Gun and Catch-22. Of the AP books I did read for AP class, I liked The Grapes of Wrath (though I was bored during the first part, it got better later on) and The Stranger (really short and really interesting).

I would avoid with all my being Great Expectations. You might like it, but I haaated it. Long, uninteresting, characters I didn't care about. BLEH!
Thank you chip very helpful!
Dracula, Frankenstein...any of the Gothic books are awesome! But that may be just my personal preferance. If there's any Jane Austen that's always a good read.
Frankenstein did spark my interest
I've read TKAMB and MaM, and for some reason Catcher isn't included, but i'll definitely check out the rest.
thanks for the tip i considered wuthering heights, but now i think its probably not a good idea.
If you want to get one of the tedious ones out of the way go for Jane Eyre or Great Expectations. I think 1984 is a classic and would be fun to read though I'm not sure its still on the list, and Wuthering Heights or the Scarlet letter are also really good ones that you should go for
for some reason 1984 isn't on the list but i do intend on reading it
I love A Seperate Peace by John Knowles. It's a classic, but I dunno if it would necessarily be on your list. :/
And I second Frankenstein.
sadly it is not. But i am thinking more and more about Frankenstien
Yea catcher and the rye would have been my first choice read if it was on the list
It's been said before, but I'd go for any Jane Austen. :D
And Dracula, I think. I find Dracula both very hard to follow and extremely captivating at the same time.


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