just list three characters after you anser the list given by the person befroe you.

1.) Dumbledore

2.) Krum

3.) Snape

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Kill Voldermort

Kiss Harry

Marry Snape

George, Slughorn, Fleur

Kiss Fleur

Marry George

Kill Slughorn (but apologize)



Pansy Parkison


Kiss Tonks, Marry Molly & Kill Myrtle (if such a thing is possible).

Dobby, Cornelius Fudge, Professor Flitwick :)

Kiss Dobby (a little peck, he's just so cute)
Kill Cornelius Fudge
Marry Professor Flitwick

Bellatrix Lestrange, Narcissa Malfoy, Hermoine

Kiss Bellatrix, marry Hermione, kill Narcissa.

Hagrid, Firenze, Pettigrew

Kiss Firenze (Do I need to explain this one?

Marry Hagrid (He's so huggable... :) )

Kill Pettigrew (What else?)

Kreacher, Aragog, Grawp

Kiss: Kreacher (I would kiss him on the cheek for everything he did for the trio.)

Kill: Aragog (I have terrible arachnophobia, no offense to Aragog.)

Marry: Grawp (I just love Grawp to pieces :] )

Fudge, Scrimgeour, Shacklebolt

Eewwwwww! Marry-grawp kill- aragog kiss kreacher..... Marry snape kill dumblewhore kiss krum.


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