OK. So, I've never been kissed/kissed anyone, so I have some questions.

These are-mostly-all coming from fanfictions that I've read.

1. In almost all of the fanfics I've read in which kissing is involved, they always say things like, "I ran my tongue along her bottom lip, seeking entrance." Does that actually happen? I mean, do you just lick their lip "asking" if you can put it in their mouth?

2. Do people actually moan into their significant other's mouth? I always read that they'll be so into the kiss, they'll start letting out little moans or whimpers into the mouth of the person they are kissing.

3. BREATHING. Ok, we all have noses, right? So, why is it that whenever the people kissing (in fanfictions) break apart, they are always described as "out of breath"?

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Kissing: at least for writing purposes, it's very important to note that there are as many varieties of kissing as their are people.  Yes, some people lick.  Some people (like me) really, really don't like that.  My partner smooches.  When kissing someone new, I'll begin with a simple smooch as a sort of precursor to deeper kissing.


2. Yup.


3.  Look up what happens to your body (biologically) when you are in a state of arousal.  This can be fear, excitement, amorous feelings, etc.  One of the things that happens is you start breathing faster.

Hah, I love your #2 answer.

Thank you for all the info!

Don't worry this much. Whenever the moment's there, it will automatically go right.
I'm not worrying; I just thought some of this stuff sounded a bit weird, and I was wondering if it was all true.

This question made my laugh. These are the exact same things I wondered before I had my first kiss(es). Hope this helps, but seriously don't worry about the ins and outs too much. I know I worried myself sick but then forgot all my careful preparation the moment it actually came down to it.

1. Never, EVER has this happened. When kissing my boyfriend one of us will usually just gently push our tongue between the other's lips (nicer than it sounds, trust me) or sorta pry the other persons lips apart with our own in a nice gentle way.


2. Yes, but we never do that in public. And its not fully subconcious, I definitely notice when I am doing it.


3. That is also completely false! Yes, we do have noses. Yes, I breathe through mine whilst kissing. The only time I get even slightly breathless is when other energy consuming "activities" are taking place at the same time as the kiss.

Thank you!!!

I was especially curious about the whole breathing through your nose thing. I thought either I or everyone else was going insane.

From my experiences:


1) No, I've NEVER had that happen. Maybe that's because my boyfriend's idea of 'seeking entrance' is just sticking his tongue down my throat. 


2) Not in public, no, the only time any moaning goes on with kissing is when other activities are going on.


3) I breathe through my nose, the only time I break apart out of breath is again with when other 'activities' are going on, or we've been going at it for a while. (Tmi, I know.) Sorry!


It'll happen natural.y.

Haha, it's ok (the tmi). Thank you for all this! I kinda figured that moaning would really only occur if the kissing was leading to other things.


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