In a recent vlogbrothers video, hank talked about the differences between decreasing suck and increasing awesome and how space exploration should be seen as increasing awesome rather than wasting money that could be spent decreasing suck. I personally agree and my friend Kennedy does as well. In or discussion about space telescopes and the like we mentioned the Large Hadron Collider (not saying the hadron collider has anything to do with space telescopes but we were talking science in general.)


I will preface this by saying I don't really know much about the large hadron collider other than what wikipedia has taught me. But my friend Kennedy called told me that it had failed to work, its purpose being to 'address some of the most fundamental questions of physics, advancing humanity's understanding of the deepest laws of nature.' (according to wiki) She also described it as a waste of money.


I was just wondering if any of you incredibly smart nerdfighters could a)better explain what it was supposed to do b) explain why it didn't work and most importantly c) discuss whether or not it was a waste of money. Large Hadron Collider wiki

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It was supposed to find some elementary particle wasn't it, the HIgg's boson? And help scientist's failtest their theories on the conditions in the early universe and more. I'm not sure... It's about gaining knowledge about the high energies within sub atomic particles atleast. I think that is well spent money.


But if it has failed, it has of course been a waste of money, but they wouldn't have built it if they didn't think it would work, and they'll probably working hard to make it work. Otherwise they're probalby going to ask for a bigger one, like the one that were supposed to be built in the US twenty years ago, but was cancelled due to the astronomical high cost. Apparently the US congress wasn't impressed with the answer they got when they asked what it was for. It was still finding the Higg's boson, and some scientist mumbled they should have said: "It's for finding God". And thus the boson has been dubbed "The God Particle"...

Oh yeah! I for got about the Higg's Boson. They're trying to find the chemical equation for gravity or something. I thought it was all really interesting but then I just stopped hearing anything about it.


But if it didn't work, and there was no way it could work, is that still a waste of money. Is it a waste to find out something can't be done?

I suppose not, but the amount of money spent on it would make a lot of descepticons accusing it of such. But fat chance the money had been spent on feeding starving children anyway, so I agree with you ;P
Besides, a failed scientific venture is never a waste of money because it contributes to an eventual scientific success. Otherwise, we would have declared the first attempts at getting into space a waste of money, and never tried it again.
But when does something become a waste of money?
When it doesn't work, or when it starts costing more money than it's work and doesn't produce any progress towards a scientific success.
When the american's spent a gazzilion dollars inventing a ballpen that could write in space, and the russians brought a pencil; it was a waste of money ;P
From my understanding it's not a failure, and it did what it was supposed to do minus the breaking down several times part. It's still in use though, and if they haven't abandoned it then I assume they're still gathering data, learning from it and learning how to improve it. I haven't kept up too much though, and I didn't really learn anything from the quick Google search I did.


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