mine was twilight [squee!!]

so what's yours??

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sumdog millonair me have bad spelling sorrry but best movies ever like ommmmg its the best everyone watch it please!!!!
Last film I watched was Little Children. Although I missed the ending. Grrr.
I've watched a helluva load of films this weekend (I've been ill so I've been on the sofa a lot watching tv) I watched The Notebook which made me cry so much and The Host, ooh and a french film called Them, which kinda freaked me out a little bit at 3 in the morning... haha
Oh and there was My Dog, Skip... bless lil 9 year old Frankie Muniz lol
them more than freaked me out. the fact that it was based on a true story made me sick.
Watchmen. It was good! I want to see it again before it leaves cinemas. :]
In theaters, Last House on the Left
At home, Signs
In theaters, Adventureland.
I really liked it. I know some people who didn't, but they were expecting it to be more like Superbad.
Star Wars : A New Hope...on tv, frig im starting to love star wars all of a sudden, its just theres something super interesting about the entire story...I get where the star wars fanatics are coming from now.

The movie before that was... Star Wars : Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars : The Empire Strikes back........... :)
Monsters VS Aliens me and my friends went for a laugh but it was funny
Repo! The Genetic Opera

(7/5, fantastic movie, I immediately got the soundtrack)
Agreed. Don't have the ST yet, but I adore the movie. Graverobber, Repo Man, and Blind Mag were definitely my favorites.

On the commentary, they talk about how the directors and writers envisioned it as the middle in a three-part series. So, hopefully we'll see the other two sometime in the near future.


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