mine was twilight [squee!!]

so what's yours??

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K-Pax, it had been awhile since I've seen it, and a fellow Nerdfighter reminded me of it's awesomeness. (I just added Nerdfighter to my firefox dictionary, so it would stop underlining)
sumdog millonair me have bad spelling sorrry but best movies ever like ommmmg its the best everyone watch it please!!!!
Last film I watched was Little Children. Although I missed the ending. Grrr.
I've watched a helluva load of films this weekend (I've been ill so I've been on the sofa a lot watching tv) I watched The Notebook which made me cry so much and The Host, ooh and a french film called Them, which kinda freaked me out a little bit at 3 in the morning... haha
Oh and there was My Dog, Skip... bless lil 9 year old Frankie Muniz lol
them more than freaked me out. the fact that it was based on a true story made me sick.
Watchmen. It was good! I want to see it again before it leaves cinemas. :]
In theaters, Last House on the Left
At home, Signs
In theaters, Adventureland.
I really liked it. I know some people who didn't, but they were expecting it to be more like Superbad.
Star Wars : A New Hope...on tv, frig im starting to love star wars all of a sudden, its just theres something super interesting about the entire story...I get where the star wars fanatics are coming from now.

The movie before that was... Star Wars : Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars : The Empire Strikes back........... :)
Monsters VS Aliens me and my friends went for a laugh but it was funny
Repo! The Genetic Opera

(7/5, fantastic movie, I immediately got the soundtrack)


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