so i'm totally excited for leakycon 2011and i'm hoping to be going with a friend
and i was just wondering if there's any nerdfighters coming?

and have you guys been to harry potter conferences before??

and how did you like them??

and what's everyone most looking forward to?

etc etc etc

harry potter nerds ADD ME
best wishes!!!

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I am super excited for Leakycon 2011 as well! I'll have just finished my freshman year of college, and it will be my first HP con (unless I go to something before then, unexpectedly). I'm already saving money hahaha xDDD

squee! will be my first hp con too. sooo excited! I've watched all the videos and seen pics from all the others and wrockstock and things, all look amazing. this one's gonna be immense!
I'm hoping to go with a friend too.
my friend is a WIENER though.
I can goes wiv u?

was going to email you this link, but too lazy to sign in. 99 Death Eaters BLUESGRASS VERSION @leakycon. DatM FTW.

also, re: your text last night (no credit, sorry)
1. I always do, anyway. Well, not that often. But I read what she posted!! MOANING MYRTLES, YEAH!!
2. It is a good call. Mine generally are. Watch thursday's Mock the Week, and tell me I'm not wrong.
3. Brogues are those shoes i bought. Y'know, those shoes. DESCRIPTION FAIL. XD I dunno, wikipedia them, or something. Or I'll just wear them when I see you next.
dude you just posted an email so the entire ning can read it, AWESOME
[annie is the friend i'm going with people. in case you haven't guessed.]
[oh and i'm not a weiner]
link= WOW
1,2 and 3, > i looovvve the moaning myrtles
> good call
>shoes are awesome

love xx
She IS a wiener.
This is one of the many reasons why living in Australia is no good. Hope you guys have fun!
So sorry you can't be there Marley!
Actually, we still haven't got the money and stuff, so it's not a DEFINITE yes for us either.
However, Australia have barbecues at christmas (really? or is it just a horrible cliche?), and has had John Green walk on it. WIN for Australia.
Not really, for some strange reason a lot of people have roast dinners and stuff on Christmas even though it is horribly hot. The fact that John was here does make it a whole lot better.
I am insanely excited about LeakyCon! My friend and I have started saving already because we're going to have to travel from Ireland to get there so it's going to be expensive. I seriously can't wait though and I know it will be worth everything.
It'll be my fisrt con ever. Irish people don't get as hyped up about these things! :P
yes we're flying from the uk too! MEGA expensive! have just started saving although i'm not doing great at it lol.
first con for me too!! soo excited!!!
It's quite likely that 2010 or 2011 will be my first Harry Potter conference. I'm sooo excited. If everything goes well, I should be going to LeakyCon 2011. :D
squee!!! happy dances*


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