Blurb (a blurb = where you try to capture the essence of a book in 10 words or less)

Comment Questions (you don't have to answer these, I just thought I'd give you a place to start from, feel free to ignore them):

1. Did you like it, or did you hate it and why? (note: the why is very important).

2. Which of the three stories was your personal favorite and again, why?

3. Can you see yourself relating to any of the characters? If so, which ones? If not, why?

4. Do you think this book deserved its New York Times Bestseller status?

5. Give a personal review of the book. Things you might include but don't have to: how it worked on you emotionally (or if it didn't) and how you felt upon finishing it.

6. MAKE UP A BLURB! (see the top for the definition of a blurb and if you need more details feel free to ask).

Deadline: This will be the blurbing book club book from now till January 1st (how lucky is it that the new year starts on a Friday).

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I'm very very excited that this is the book of the month. SO HAPPY. I shall re-read it tonight!
I'm glad your excited, have fun reading!
I will definately re-read mine and post here tomorrow.
*grabs book; swears to read furiously and blurb A.S.A.P.*
No hurry, you have the rest of December... unless your strangely busy for the rest of the month, then hurry. lol
I know...I just love Let It Snow. :)
It is pretty amazing. I don't blame you for wanting to read it in one sitting.
1.i loved let it snow, as romance novels go I'm somewhat of a newb, but none the less i thoroughly enjoyed the book, the characters were well developed, the plot interestingly intersecting, and the connections between the characters was awesome.
2.I think i liked johns the best, if only because it was from a guys point of view, and i just tend to love how he writes his characters
3. definitely Jeb
4. i do, it's a great read and it says a-lot of things about teen romance (some rather obvious but none the less)
5. i have already given one :)
6. (this is my first blurb sorry for the poor quality) I'm in your snow stormz, hooking up with significant others.
Opps, for some reason I didn't realize how redundant question five was. My bad. I'm kind of a newb when it comes to romance novels as well (my girl credentials are steadily decreasing jk), but I really liked Let it Snow. And for your first blurb that's a pretty good one.
I'll dig it off my book shelf and jump right on this as soon as exams are over! :D
Good job on the not procrastinating front. I tried, I caved and started reading it mid-way through exam week. Not my best idea, but whatever. Good luck with exams and happy reading!


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