Rules are simple.. say something you've never done... anything. The next person who replies has to say if they've done it and then say something they have never done.. etc. etc. so on and so forth =] DFTBA!

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Never have I ever lied about my age =]
I have.

Never have I ever shaved my armpits.
I do regularly.

I have never accidentally sent a text to the wrong person.
I have! I mean to text my mom to tell her to come and pick me up from school, and i accidentally texted my cousin who was standing right next to me!

Never have I ever worn a bikini in public.
Uh, me neither. Or in private, for that matter.

Im pretty sure this refers to me.

I have done so before.

I have never eaten broccoli before

*Puts down a finger*

Never have I ever had the self confidence to sing in front of a large crowd. *Sigh*
I have... Chorus in grade school. ;)
Never have I ever kissed a boy. (sad)
... thankfully no hahaha

never have I ever broken my leg XP
Neither have I.

Never have I ever baked a pie.
I have never baked a pie

I have never been rock climbing


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