Rules are simple.. say something you've never done... anything. The next person who replies has to say if they've done it and then say something they have never done.. etc. etc. so on and so forth =] DFTBA!

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I have. It's both a very liberating and very self-conscious activity.

Never have I ever managed to do a hand-stand without leaning on a wall for support.

me neither.

never have i kissed the ground

lol Nope.

Never have I ever let anyone I know irl read my writing/novel in progress/ fanfiction stories

I told my friend about my fanfiction because I was so proud of it. That's a mistake I'll never make again. The worst part is when you give them the link or they hunt it down and make a fake account, post nasty reviews, and never own up to it. 

Never have I ever, left the East Coast. 

well, i dont live there, so yeah, i have

never have i been to canada


@Hannah Oh, I'm so sorry about what happened to you! They don't sound like very good friends, though.

Never have I ever eaten tofu

Yeah, but it was only for like a minute and I had pulled an all-nighter the night before reading..

Never have i ever been a bridesmaid.

I have!

Never have I ever been in a committed relationship

Never did that, ever "don't even have I-pod though" .

Never have I ever drove a car .

I have!

Never have I ever been to Mexico.

Never " not in the past, or the future"

Never have I ever had a cat .

Never happened to me also.

Never have I ever been on a plane.


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