Rules are simple.. say something you've never done... anything. The next person who replies has to say if they've done it and then say something they have never done.. etc. etc. so on and so forth =] DFTBA!

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I am not good at talking most of the time 

I have never ever gone skydiving 


Never have I ever had a lollipop. I want one....
I have

Never have I ever been away from home for over a week

I have

Never have I ever eaten artichoke

I love artichoke hearts! 

Never have I ever driven a motorcycle

neither have I 

I have never ever gone on a bus on my own

I have

Never have i ever smoked a full cigarette

Never have I ever gotten drunk.

I have, many times.

Never have I ever walked entirely naked except for wearing a traditional Madeiran hat beside a motorway.

Um.... no, never done that

Never have I ever been on a commercial airplane.

Never done that either.

Never have I ever touched John Green's nose and/or ear.

Never done that, although I probably should have by now.

Never have I ever tickled a reverend.


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