Rules are simple.. say something you've never done... anything. The next person who replies has to say if they've done it and then say something they have never done.. etc. etc. so on and so forth =] DFTBA!

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neither have i :P

never have i ever finished watching avatar

I have.


Never have I ever successfully sucked a chocolate button into nothingness.

Im sorry what have you never done?
He's never sucked on a chocolate bar for so long that it all melts and dissapears. Neither have I, that I can remember.

Never have I ever worn pyjamas under regular clothes.

We used to have pijama days at elementary school, so I have, under a coat.
I've also accidentally gone to school in slippers one day.

Never have I ever done karaoke in public.

I have, but never willingly. I blame my dad. I inherited his "stage performers instantly seek me out" gene.

Never have I been to a museum dedicated solely to modern art.

I have. It was indescribably awesome. Oh my god. I can't even.

Never have I ever had a ring-pop or a blow-pop.

I have.  Never have I ever been a conservative.

Me neither.

Never have I had any good friends that were taller than me. (I have nothing against fellow tall people, it's just a weird coincidence I've noticed)
Haha. (: I have. One of my good female friends is pretty tall.

Never have I ever kissed a relative on the lips (some people do that I noticed).
I can't remember ever doing that, no.

Never have I headbutted anything or anyone intentionally.

It was late.. I was angry... The wall didn't suffer.

Never have I ever been on a roller-coaster. (and I never will!)


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