Today while I was rummaging through a drawer in my room I discovered a letter I wrote to myself three years ago. It said to open it in December of 2010 or later. I opened it and read it. It was pretty weird because from what I read, it seems as if I haven't really changed in the past three years. I've moved to a new town and I go to a new school, but I feel like I haven't grown up at all. I replied to the letter and wrote another to open in 2014 (if 2012 doesn't kill us all).


Have you ever wrote a letter to yourself of the future? Do you think you will change in the next few years or so? Tell me about it. I'm curious.

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so far I feel like I've grown up a lot (I used to be such an arrogant nasty little prick) but in so many ways I still feel like a child. I don't know how much I'll change but I'll never really change, no one ever does. I mean, seriously, the differences between 16 year old me and 18 year old me are dramatic to say the least, but I don't feel like a different person at all. Like I said, the differences are dramatic but they're still just shallow surface level differences. I'll always be me, and that is depressing to say the least, but hopefully I'll still manage to change for the better. Shit, maybe I'll become an adult by the time I'm 20 or 21. I doubt it, but there's always the possibility.
I haven't, but i wish i had.  I'm so different. My confidence level is so much higher, as is my self estiem.  I dont worry about what people think about me anymore, and that is so freeing.  I wish i knew this before, so many problems would have been eradicated :P :)

I've kept a journal since... um... seventh grade, I believe. I'm well into the second volume, now, and I like to regularly read over what's going on. It is a strange experience to read something you don't exactly remember writing, and can't remember the thought process for. It's almost as if you're reading the thoughts of someone else, who happens to have done stuff similar to what you remember doing. 


I've realized, over the years of re-reading, that my thought processes and values really have changed. I think keeping a journal is something that everyone should do, because it's a really good way to learn about yourself. How you view yourself vs. how you really behave. 

You know, I've never written a letter to myself. I've left myself reminder notes, but that's not nearly the same thing. I keep a blog, so maybe someday I'll write one and leave it there. We'll see.

I think I change all the time. I'm never the same from day to day, but I know for a fact that I'm a far more mellow person than I was four years ago. Hopefully I continue to mellow out. There's so much about myself that I can honestly say I'd be better without, and if those were to change in the future, I'd be perfectly happy. To be honest, I'm graduating from college in 5 months, and have no idea where that will lead me. Part of me wants to move out to California, part of me wants to move to Chicago, part of me wants to go home to Ohio for a bit, and another voice in my head tells me to join the Peace Corps. I have no idea where any of it is leading, but I know down the line I'll have changed because of it.


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