I just finished this one last night and it was AWESOME! If you haven't heard of it, here's a book trailer:

Really awesome, anyone else read it?

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On the brink of war, can enemies unite to survie??

I know thats not the whole book but towards the end thats the main thing
OOOH. I read this book and I thought it was pretty good. Didn't realize they were making it a movie so soon. I haven't read the other books yet (I don't think they've been published? Or if they have, I didn't realize that either. lol) but I'm pretty sure it'll turn out well.
I actually ordered it and I'm at chapter seven so NO SPOILERS PEOPLE! :)
I just finished this today. I love Scott Westerfeld's work and wasn't disappointed. I found the combination of past events with futuristic technology/biology to be really fascinating. I'm not very good at blurbing, but I'll work on it.
What about Leviathan by Hobbes!?!??!?!

I'm an angry sea monster right now >:O
Yes, I also have read it.

And OH MY GOD, it's amazing and just the thought and the detail put into it is amazing.
Am i the ONLY one! I win :D
looks so good. love scott westerfeld!
I read it a little while ago and loved it.
It makes me happy since there are more and more steampunk books coming out, slowly but surely.
The worldbuilding that went into it is INCREDIBLE, and I give a thousand props to Scott Westerfeld for it. However, pacing-wise I felt like the entire book was just an introduction, that the REAL conflict didn't begin until pretty much the end, and we'll have to wait for the next book to really get into things. So points off for that. However, the rockin' worldbuilding got so many points that the negative points for poor pacing hardly made a dent. Well worth reading, imo.
This book was awesome. idk how much i like the 2 main characters though
You'll like them more in the second book -- they come of age a bit and it is quite an adventure!


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