In all honesty I dont know whether or not this has been discussed already but I was just curious to see what the nerdfighters thought of this video. The link is as follows:

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A shame.

That's what you get when you overthrow your government - anarchy.

Well I suppose that's true although they're directly attacking a graveyard while chanting god is great. You can't simply blame it on overthrowing a government... 

I'm not blaming it on overthrowing a government, but it is a factor...

Horrible, contemptible, unbelievable. I can't even fathom what kind of feelings justify this behaviour, although I doubt much thought has gone into it. I don't have enough information to comment except that I find this very upsetting.

I was honestly appalled when I saw this, don't quite understand what was going through their minds. Thankyou for your input :)

I don't think anyone in their right mind would support the desecration of other people's loved ones.  Just cause I personally think cemeteries are a waste of valuable farm land and want to be cremated, doesn't prevent me from realising we all have relatives and ancestors buried somewhere and it is in our nature to respect those remains as a means of respecting the people who died and therefore honouring our desecrating a cemetery is quite cruel, to the children and grandchildren in particular of the deceased buried at the cemetery.

That said, and I'm not excusing this at all, but I'm trying to contextualise it.  Libya is going through some really fucked up shit.  First they had that love him or hate him Gaddafi bloke, and it all seemed like a fabulous idea to support a civil uprising cos he was a dictator and all that.  A huge war & it's still a mess.  So there are a lot of pissed off, angry people who are doing really stupid things to let off steam.  It's quite sad because it seems to me other countries, like Egypt, although having problems are mostly (on the grass roots) getting their act together.  But that's the thing, NATO didn't interfere in Egypt - it was profiting off (gah the name escapes me) the idiot Mubarak who ruined the joint, and the revolution was totally grass roots.  So it wouldn't surprise me if there are some bull shit artists running amok in Libya at the moment, saying that "X,Y,Z were behind our problems" and fueling hate in people who've been screwed over - putting the blame were it more than likely doesn't belong - on other Libyans - and an incident like this is the result.

Gah, propaganda sucks.


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