I was thinking the other day, after reading some of the threads on the nings about books, how they (books) can impact us. I was curious what books you've read that have impacted you or changed you in some way.
For me two books I connected with right away and just made a huge differences was Just Listen by Sarah Dessen and The Awakening by Kate Chopin. I know some people dont like these books, particularly The Awakening, but I will always love it because it impacted me in a deeper way. It just spoke to something and helped me to realize a lot of things.
So Nerdfighters, what books have you read thats affected you deeply. That maybe it changed your life, or comforted you during a hard time? Maybe it got you into reading, or caused you to think about things on a different level? It can be more than one book, and if you feel comfortable enough share why it affected you.

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The Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. Used to go on these cross-country road trips with my parents - I'm an only child and was thoroughly bored for most of the time until my Aunt gave me a collection of Nancy Drews. Sure, it's not always great writing, but reading them was (and is!) such a pleasure. I'm still working to be as smart and self-sufficient and awesome as Nancy.
I read Flags of Our Fathers and it totally changed the way I thought about WWII. I mean, I knew how horrible it was but I didn't know the actual things the Japanese did to the Chinese. To horrible to write! If you love history, READ IT.
I read that in 8th grade, right before the D.C. trip. (4/5 years ago now...jeesh). It was mindblowing to me. I never really thought about the human aspect of war before and it then I read about these 6 guys, and I stopped looking at it like it was just strategical moves. They were people. I definitely cried, I'm not going to lie. I still remember their names too. Harlon Block, Mike Strank, Rene Gagnon, Franklin Sousley, Ira Hayes, and John "Doc" Bradley. James Bradley is a great author, I suggest Flyboys if you haven't read that one yet...
Paper Towns by John Green- Yes, this book actually did change my entire outlook on life. I remember the day I finished it, and I was pretty much just, like, "Whoah." The book has transformed how I look at people, and made me understand how difficult it is to actually, truly understand an individual.

Harry Potter- When I look at my life now, I can't imagine what it would have been like if my mom and I hadn't picked up Sorcerer's Stone on that fateful trip to Maine. I've made so many friends through Harry Potter, and have involved myself within a network of people that I love to death. HP has also changed who I am, how I identify myself, and what I value...all that in one book series.
Harry Potter got me through some tough times when I was a kid.
Lost in the Cosmos by Walker Percy
Til We Have Faces by CS Lewis

definitely life changing books for me.
A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
It's what first got me interested in the Middle East. Now I'm planning on pursuing a minor in Middle Eastern studies and later hoping to use my journalism degree to be a foreign correspondent to the Middle East. It introduced a whole new culture to me and introduced me to the people of the Middle East not just the ideas fed to us by the media.
Okay, my list will be really long, but they are all important to me for different reasons.

Swallowing Stones (Actions have consequences)
The Bridge to Terabithia (I still cry every time I read it)
All Quiet on the Western Front (Understanding war)
The Giver (The importance of Truth)
After the First Death (Terrorism)
Ender's Game (does the end always justify the means?)
Number the Stars (the holocaust)
Night (acceptance)
Animal Farm (not just communism, but how people act generally)
Of Mice and Men (I honestly don't know what this one means to me, but I feel something)
Looking for Alaska (another "dealing with consequences" book)
Go Ask Alice (never, ever, ever doing drugs now)
No Exit (and no faith in mankind, either)
Watership Down (the problems with blindly following)
To Kill a Mockingbird (what is right is neither easy nor popular)
The Lorax (you don't know what you have until it's gome)
Harry Potter (because I died a little when my 11th birthday didn't come with a Hogwarts letter. And because Dumbledore is both a meddling old coot and a very wise man)
Deaf Child Crossing - Marlee Matlin - Gives a better POV of a deaf person. If you have read this book message me. i would love to hear your intake on it.
The Christmas Shoes - Donna Van Liere - To me this book is inspirational, it has the message of just do one last thing, cause it could be their last day, so live like the people in your life has only one more day.
Ten Ways To Make Your Sister Disappear - Norma Fox Mazer - Even though you can't stand your siblings, one day, you will realize you are alot closer then you would of ever thought.
Deadline - Chris Crutcher - There are things in your life that you think are right. At the time. But you soon learn that they were wrong. This book really shows how much you should live every second/minute/hour/day/week/month/year like your last. Cause you never know. It could be your last. You could leave at any given time, with out warning, or maybe with some warning. Also, how much you should tell the truth.

There are alot more, just those are the ones i can think of right now :)
If you read any of these, i would love to hear your intake on these books. They are amazing.
My list is a bit odd, as almost all of the books on it have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other.
Boy Meets Boy - helped me come out, makes me happy, gives that warm fuzzy feeling that you get when you are with your best friends in the world.

Harry Potter- the first time I got REALLY into a book, I've met so many wonderful people from those books, and they got me out of a rut of around 15 books, and so richly woven.

Redwall- the summer I started reading them was the summer my grandma was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer...I re-read Taggerung so many times, I know it blindfolded.

Define Normal - just amazing, so vivid and I guess it just struck a chord with me.

Little Women - I have always felt like Jo, and I guess that becuae of that and the fact that I read it when I was 6ish and I'll always remember it.

If anyone else likes these books, leave me a comment on my page!

I looove redwall. I especially like the one about the badgers. i dont remember its name, i havent read it in so long.
'This is All' by Aidan Chambers got me through my horrible teenage years, which many many many books helped with I suppose, but this one still sticks out.

But 'The Ode Less Travelled' by Stephen Fry made me actually aware of forms of poetry; 'The Kite Runner' just because; 'Sophie's World' made me interested in philosophy. Oh and 'The End of Mr Y' - such a good book. It opened my eyes to some new philosophy, but I also really loved several of the characters. <3


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