You know how they say to "learn from others' mistakes"? Well, let's help our fellow Nerdfighters out by stating some lessons we've learned so they might not make them as well. I'll start the list.

1) Don't use regular dish soap in the dishwasher. Unless you want your entire kitchen filled with bubbles (which may sound fun, but is a pain to clean up).
2) Don't walk while looking into binoculars. Especially when you're inside. Remember, objects are closer than they appear. (My little sister did this one. She ran into a wall and had two black eyes for a good week or so.)
3) Procrastination may pay off now rather than later, but it comes back to bite you in the long run.
4) When butting into someone's conversation, make sure you really know what they're talking about. (I've had many embarrassing moments when I butted in and promptly put my foot in my mouth.)
5) Don't put the Arby's sandwich wrappers in the microwave. They catch on fire.
6) Don't light a Klenex on fire unless you're prepared to deal with a flaming piece of cloth that doesn't blow out.
7) If you accidentally do #6, don't wait for your mom to find the singed carpet in your bedroom to tell her about the incident. She doesn't appreciate that.

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Ha, my sisters found out #6 the hard way too. They called me into the living room and we tried to figure out a way to put it out without alerting our mom (who was in the next room), trying not to laugh too loud and to take care of it before it got smoke everywhere. Eventually we just put it outside in the rain (it was in a little candle dish) and let it sit for a while... They also used to burn hairs in the car's cigarette lighter thingy while we were waiting in the car...

8) New socks + freshly cleaned floor = BEWARE.
9) If a dish has a crack in it, don't move it from the hot microwave to the cold counter too quickly. It will shatter. Spilling hot water and honey everywhere.
10) Bunnies apparently cannot resist the succulent rubber buttons of remote controls. Keep this in mind when bunny-sitting if you let the bunny out of its cage.
Is it bad that I'm tempted to try number six in a well watered area?

11) Don't try to make coloured sunscreen yourself by adding food colouring into it. It'll stain your skin.
12) Don't try to clean a razor by rubbing your thumb back and forth along it. Unless you like to bleed, in which case be my guest.


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