Another year is just about over, and it's almost that time again to come up with resolutions.

But what awesome thing did you do this year? Respond below! It doesn't necessarily have to be a resolution you had, just something you feel like sharing. Who knows, it could inspire someone else's resolution for 2011!

I'll kick it off: This year, I wrote a rough draft for a novel that I got the idea for back in High School.

Your turn!

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you know that i would get the mail and read this huh?^^
well i guess i really am destinated for that name
but i shouldnt forget to be awesome ;D
of course I did :D
and yes danny, you are!
I made it through the end of my first year of college and started my second year. I was baptized. I went skydiving (so much fun!). I started volunteering at a church program for kids. I moved into my first apartment on my own (well, I have a roommate but no parental figures here). This year has been great for me and I have more awesome plans coming up throughout the month! I hope everyone else is able to end the year with a smile (:
Oh my gawd, hopefully skydiving will be one I'll be able to say next year. It was on my list for this year, but I never ended up doing it. :-(
This year, I started gymnastics again. I only did one year when I was 10 years old and I have wanted to get back ever since. I read lots of fun books, discovered things about myself, made new friends and even grew up a little. Even if the first part of the year wasn't that great, I learned a lot and had great times.
Congratulations! :)
ME TOO! Mine's social work; what's yours? :-D
I became nerdy on a higher scale. Before now, I've only been nerdy to myself, in the sense of reading Harry Potter and comic books. Now this year at school I'm known as the smartest girl in school, which is odd seeing how you would think the AP kids would be smarter than the Honors kids.
Another kid just paid me five bucks to do his Algebra homework that took me five minutes to complete. In the 5th grade, I got teased because I was slow in math. Aw, sweet, sweet irony. I just wished I went to school with the same kids.
I also saw the new Harry Potter movie, drank lots of coffee, wrote some stuff that didn't suck and get tossed, became a nerdfighter, posted a picture of a coronal mass ejection as my desktop background, researched colleges (I might be too eager about that), organized my comic books, and some other stuff I don't remember.
I went to my first midnight premier of a movie, which happened to be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1!
This year I became more confident with myself... I can thank Nerdfighteria for that :)
I went on stage for the costume contest at Rocky Horror Picture Show... I have gone to rhps many times but never been brave enough to go on stage.
I have started getting into politics and activism.
Basically this year has been awesome!
This year I passed my first year of college and I'm now in second year getting my degree in Animation! Tried and failed to participate in Nano Wrimo ( getting to a miserable 2500 words before having to quit due to college projects). Rediscovered the yumminess that is Ready Brek and Hot Ribena. Joined Nerdfighteria. Met all of you cool people. Joined in on some projects and before the year is out I hope to start posting videos on youtube so watch this space 8D
Hey! I did a blog post about this! :-D

I wrote got better at writing, moved away from home, figured out what I want to do as a job, had my first sexual experience, and went parasailing!


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