Another year is just about over, and it's almost that time again to come up with resolutions.

But what awesome thing did you do this year? Respond below! It doesn't necessarily have to be a resolution you had, just something you feel like sharing. Who knows, it could inspire someone else's resolution for 2011!

I'll kick it off: This year, I wrote a rough draft for a novel that I got the idea for back in High School.

Your turn!

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This year, I moved away from my hometown, successfully finished my terrible novel for NaNoWriMo on time, and tasted a deep fried burrito for the first time.

Yay! :)
Chillax. 80% of novels written in NaNo suck. The other 20% are never finished.
Lol those are great stats
Thanks! Did you do nano?
No way, I am a terrible writer. But my friend tried and her story was just a random string of events
Ya, that's what happens to most books... Oh well kuddos for trying...
Trust me, I know. I've had a debit card since '08.
Haha. I did too. I went on a spree, it was great.
Best feeling in the world! :D When I got mine I kinda spent a whole weeks pay on useless but awesome weapons that I shouldn't legally own!
Me too! Best Thing Ever!! :D
This year, I started this novel idea, (but I haven't gone that far with it yet) got my first job, started my first youtube channel with actual videos on it, found even more awesome Youtubers, started Tumblr, saw Deathly Hallows part 1, watched a Potter movie marathon, got randomly hit on by a cute guy on the street, for the first time, that I, unfortunatly, had to turn down, became happier, yet more busy, MUCH more busy.
It's been a crazy year, if I think about it, but to me, every year is.
This year I joined nerdfighters, got involved in creating a novel filled with works by nerdfighters, joined two collab channels, started organising the first ever blood drive to happen at my school, had a massive pokemon battle with a friend, stopped taking life so seriously and started doing more of the things I have always wanted to do but never thought myself capable of.


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