Okay, so I love being a nerdfighter, it's the coolest thing ever. I have a problem though, I can't seem to find any around me. I hate it, because I will be like, man, that is so jokes! French the lama! And people are just confused. Do any of you have this problem?
Anyway, I guess I am seeing if anyone wants to be my nerdfighter friend. It would be super fun times. 
Send me an email or something, I just get so bored! (Wow, I sound lame lol)

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I totally understand where you are coming from. I recently became a nerdfigher (well, i guess I was- i just didn't know). Anyway, i always find things related to nerdfighting funny... and well noone gets it.

Hmmm... I don't know about that, but if you become active on this forum I will be likely to accept a friend request!

If you are looking for Nerdfighters in your area you could join and select friending or you could organise a Come Nerd With Me gathering and find some Nerdfighters nearby that way.
Ha ha I am totally with you!! I try to sneak the nerdfigher-isms in to my house as well. I own a house with my brothers and try to get them into John and Hank's Vlog Brother vids. So far it's a slow process but when we find something that's funny and resonates it usually becomes the idiom of the week. : )
That's awesome. My friends usually just ignore what I said. I have tried to introduce them to it, but they aren't interested. The type of people that think you-tubing is weird.
I know exactly what you mean. That's part of the reason I picked up a camera and started a youtube page lol. Then I lost my camera went without posting for a bit and those same people were like, where did the vids go? Funny how that works huh? I just picked up a new camera and am starting the shenanigans again. I guess what I'm trying to say is involve them in the process and you might be able to make nerdfighters out of them yet lol.
i have this tendency to post related/hysterical things on my friends Facebook walls related to nerd-fighting. I get no response. I wonder if its possible for FORCE someone to be a nerdfighter.
Ohh it totally is! My approach would be find out what they are passionate about and odds are they would be that kind of nerd lol Then catch them doing their passion on camera and gold. Or keep up the Facebook posts and eventually they will be like..ok, ok we need to finally see where all this is coming from lol.
So blackmail is the way to go? Maybe that wouldn't be blackmail, just showing them that they are in fact a nerd. I could see that back firing though, some people aren't ready to accept their nerdy-ness. They still think that it's not cool. I feel sorry for people that think that way.
Haha yeah blackmail is a bit aggressive huh. I too feel sorry for those people but eventually with enough support and positive encouragement they might come around. I mean Nerd is the new cool. I mean here I am, working, doing research, and totally having the Ning up in the background getting my Nerd on lol. Plus this is a pretty awesome online community.
I know what you mean, I just recently started on the Ning. I wish I would have gotten into it sooner. It's better far better than facebook. Plus, it's nerdy, all around win.
I like to think being a nerd will be like having braces was. It used to be that having braces made you lame and you would get picked on. But now it's completely normal and no one cares. Some people actually wish they could get braces, even if their teeth are perfect!
I dont think that being a nerd is a bad thing. Especially once you are out of high school. I didn't realize how much academia promotes intelligent though and questioning commonly accepted ideals.

As a whole, my nerd-ness has not only increased- but become more embraced as i have gotten older. I just wish more people would realize what a great community this is for the promotion of new idea.s
I absolutely agree with everything you just said there lexie


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