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A wicker basket with a cat in it.
I'm so screwed...
I look to my left and what do I see?

Motherfucking Cthulhu coming out of the ocean. Beat that in a zombie apocalypse.
I think you'll survive, lol, that is if Cthulhu doesn't kill you.
A printer. Well, I can smash heads with it, it's just very inconvenient and I think I'd be eaten before I got close enough to the zombie's head. Damn.
Nerdfighting in the office?

I hope your boss is made of awesome.
its always a good strategy. :) at least you didn't get my lazy dog,
There are many items to my left. Of those, I choose my Guitar Hero controllers. They'd work pretty well as make-shift maces, and the Wiimotes inside are all but indestructible.
Crap!..............A pillow. A nice, fluffy one. *facepalm*
Maybe you could use it as shielding as you pummel zombies to death with your BARE HANDS!!!
You can make the zombies suffer.... THE FLUFFY PILLOW!

Same here. Maybe we could get everyone with pillows and build a barricade with them?


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