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curtains. *sigh* awesome. *head desk*

A feather pillow. Oh, crap. Maybe I can smother zombies with it.

Hmm.  Two textbooks: American Government & Politics, and Biological Psychology.  Well, I guess that I'll try to civilize them and set up some type of Zombie government. Then when that inevitably fails, I'll cut open their brains and see how they function.  Yeah, I'm dead, but maybe I'll learn something on my way out.

Or, you could read out loud and bore them to death.  (No offense or anything, just saying....)

A guy called Jason... lets hope he's got some weapons

oh man I get a mini fridge, I guess I'm going to be bashing some zombies.

A tissue box.  With extra-soft tissues.  *Head desk*

A fruit bowl with 4 apples and 5 jenga pieces! 

Why are there jenga pieces in the fruit bowl?

At this moment: CD case of Queen (Classic Queen).

ummm.... a wall..

A hula hoop. What?


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