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A fedora....I'll have to be creative.

All I have to may left beside HUGE stone chairs bolted to the ground is my binder and pen.......screwed

A nokia! >:D Zombies, beware!!!!!!!!!!

Weird, it's a statue of a crying angel...Don't know how that's going to help me. Might as well stop looking at it.

My bass speaker.  Maybe I'll kill them with dubstep?

A rolled-up piece of burlap containing six sketch pencils and one blending paper stump. 

I'm thinking lots of eye-stabbing. Definitely a quick route to decommission the brain.

yaay a paper bag...that's going to be useful 

I have a printer. A bit cumbersome but heavy objects can be useful. 

magnifying glass...........................burn baby, burn! disco inferno!
A piano! I guess I can play until I get eaten cause I can't lift that.....unless I hide inside it....hmmmmm

Some water bottles, a notebook and my sunglasses.......

I'm dead.

A bowl of soya raspberry yoghurt and a large mug of green tea...
Well then...


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