I'm kind of interested in starting a collab channel, if anyone is interested.
I'm looking for another guy about my age (I'm 16, so high school age or a little older) that will take this relatively seriously.  I'd really like for my partner to live outside the US, but if not, we can talk.  My plan is alternate weeks, so we will each be making a video every other week.  I think it'd be a great way to get to know each other, as well as other people getting to know us.  I envision it'll be sort of like a penpal, but through video.  
If you're interested, send me a Private Message here, or email me at soccerwill94[at]yahoo[dot]com.
In the message, tell me your name, username on here, age, location, and anything else about you that you feel would lead to an interesting partnership.  If you feel like REALLY showing me what's up, make a vid and link me to it.
After you send the message, please post here that you sent it, as well.

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Sorry, I'm already in two. I would advise you to join an existing collab rather than start a new one. It's hard to gain publicity and even harder to find the right people.
Well, it doesn't hurt to try!

On the other hand, can you advise me of a place to find one to join? :P
For one, I think octonerdian is restarting soon...
Thanks for the help!


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