Looking For Alaska--The Candle is Out, but not the Controversies

Anyone who follows John on Twitter/Facebook probably has already seen this, but it's pretty much the usual sad story that follows Looking For Alaska: people brand it as pornographic. This time, the controversies have followed it to the UK (link to the article is below). What warmed my heart was seeing that there were definitely nerdfighters in the comments of that article, so thank you all for standing up for John's work

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Well, I gave LFA to MY FATHER to read and when this discusscion arose for the umphteenth time I asked what he thought. He said that he cried while reading it, and that pornographic was one of the last things he'd call it. MY FATHER. I'm 16, we'd never talked about anything in that direction, and he did not even care. Right after reading, all he said was how incredibly emotional LFA is, how it completely surprised him, and that he wanted more John Green books. 

To some extent, I can understand the problem this woman in the UK had - Looking For Alaska is not a childrens' book but rather aimed at young adults. But that doesn't seem to be her problem or what the article seemed to focus on, they clearly stated it was porn without actually reading the book, although they apparantly watched John's video on the topic.

Geez, some people.


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