So i was just thinking, a lot of great books get adapted into great musicals. What if a group of nerdfighters put on a show using one of John's books? i think it'd be really cool...

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This seems like a great idea but i feel like the only way we could ever do it without being like totally cheesy (not necessarily a bad thing actually) would be if we did it for Will Grayson Will Grayson because that just seems to lend itself to a musical with all of its wonderful and outrageous characters (tiny, maura,...) also I feel like it really sums up all of nerdfighteria with the maybe dead cats, and nmh, and the whole schrodinger love story. Wow that was a runon to the supreme, but yeah, great idea, we should totally do something like that!!!
yeah, i mean, i'm sure nerdfighteria has a surplus of writers, muscians, and actors...
Anything musical theatre makes a proud nerd out of me...I definitely think Hold Me Closer would be a fantastic real life show. I don't know about John's other books though...if it was done in a fun and ridiculous way I think there's some definite potential here :)

Is Katherines written in first person? I can't remember.


As much as I love theatre, I think his books in general are too much about internal issues. I'm not sure theatre would work very well for expressing them...

I think it could definitely be produced in a serious manner. John's writing has more than enough humor in it to make most parts funny.


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