2 year running Collab channel seeking new members (7 spaces left)

Hi, I'm Mike and I'm the admin of the collab channel network known as CCN (Crazy Collaboration Network) and the Monday spot on Team Crazy Train.
We are currently looking for eager video makers, experienced or not who wish to make friends and have fun to join our sister channel Immense Crazy Nation.

Both channels have 7 members posting from Monday - Sunday every week with 2 cover members in-case someone is un-able to upload.
Also every 2 weeks a theme is given out to everyone for that week's video (the theme is optional, it's only to help if your struggling for an idea for that week)
We now also make a joint collab video including all 7 members  (including cover  members if they wish to be involved) every month in support of Project Toasty 

If your interested please get in touch, you can also check out the channels here: 

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I'd love to join you, I make videos on this channel 

my skype is also joboisahobo.

My apologizes Jonathan, Jobo. We'd love to offer you both a place on the channel but we carn't do so at the present moment because even with you both included we will be a few members short of the 7 members we need.
If we have more interest and can fill the remaining spaces I'll contact you on skype or on this thread.

Thank you for you interest

TCT Admin 

Hey, I haven't really made videos except for one for a school project.  Anyway, if you're still looking for people I would be interested... I'm from the U.S. though, I don't know if that matters.  Also, I'm 17 so I don't know if that's too young.  Let me know.  I would really only be able to do the weekend though because my weekdays get really hectic and everything with school.  I am new to this but I would really love to meet new people.  Let me know!

Is there any specific day you would like?

Any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday would really be the only days I can do...

Allison would you be interested in taking the Sunday spot on Team Crazy Train?

A few things have come up today that are going to make me very busy.  I don't think I'm able to truthfully commit to every Sunday.  Wish you all the best though, sorry about the change.

hey i haven't really vlogged much but i was thinking about starting or joining a collab channel, i do have some videos that i posted up on youtube a while ago which are really embarassing and shall never be discovered by anyone because i can't be bothered to delete them. but anyway i'm stephanie, i live in Australia, i'm 16 years old and i would love to be a part of this.

Ok Allison thank for your interest.

Stephanie would you be interested in being the Sunday spot?

ah yes that sounds great. when do i start? can you message me with the details?

Do you have skype Stephanie? or Facebook?

i dont have skype but i have facebook, my full name is stephanie fairhall, i think you can just search me?


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