one question... mac or p.c. ?

i am a mac person. you wouldn't be caught with a p.c. in the house i live in!

and please keep down the fighting this is just opinion where people can discuss their opinion on different computers i might think mac you might think pc but that is fine we all have taste and the right of opinion

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In my house, there's one mac, one pc, and one linux. I'm the pc. :) But like a lot of people have said, it's just what I'm used to. Plus, I game.
Mac! I actually just dug our 15 year old Mac out of the basement this afternoon and played Mario Teaches Typing. It picked up right where my 7 year old self had left off! And it started up in 30 seconds. My 4 year old Dell takes like, 5 minutes.
I forgot to mention, I also hate ipods. what would I want with an mp3 player that only plays music??? especially when it costs more than the majority of the music player market. pppshh!

Sure, the ipod touch can do more but it still doesn't come with a voice recorder, and I'm not sure if it comes with and fm radio you don't have to pay extra for.
Mac. So much better :D

Except they do cost a lot more... I hate that...
P.C. because Mac has retarded ads. No offense to retarded people who will likely be offended by being compared to a Mac ad campaign.
i think i would like mac
but i'm sort of broke.
i use a pc
but i don't run windows
linux ftw :)
Here's one of my biggest peeves. When cornered, people always quote that "Apples are better for image and video editing." However, I've yet to be directed to any sort of benchmarking that gave an opinion one way or the other. The way I see it, most everyone uses photoshop for image editing, and that's readily available on both Windows and Mac (And, I would think, easier to maneuver on a PC because of not having to devote a keyboard key to substitute right-clicking). I'm not savvy when it comes to video-editing software, but I'm willing to bet the top contenders in this department are available on both OSes as well.
Sometimes I think, if there were no religions, people would fight wars over operating system preference.
I'm a PC person. It's what I grew up with, and I always feel really awkward when I use a Mac. xD
I'm a Mac. I grew up with both in the sense that in elementary school we had macs, middle school we had PC's and High School we had both. I however prefer Macs for my personal computer.
I think it would be best to admit that this debate will go on until the end of time, so it would be best to just live and let live.
PC for sure. I've always had a PC & always will.


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