one question... mac or p.c. ?

i am a mac person. you wouldn't be caught with a p.c. in the house i live in!

and please keep down the fighting this is just opinion where people can discuss their opinion on different computers i might think mac you might think pc but that is fine we all have taste and the right of opinion

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PC. I've used Mac's at college and I just don't like them. :/ I will say however that vista is crap and I'm sticking with XP for as long as I possible can. :) Who knows, maybe Windows 7 will be better. I have not had a chance to use the "7's" at my computer lab yet.
Im a PC for good reason, although I Hate vista, its hard to Rip apart your mac and Put in a New graphics card, true I would rather Macs OS, but you cant build your own mac, Last time tried, i ended up scrapping it and throwing Ubunto onto it.

I like pc's because you can take em apart, fix em yourself, and alter its OS pretty easily, while on the other mand, Macs, are for lazy people or professional artist's. I own a mac, I draw with my mac, But do I play Fallout 3 on my mac....... no

My PC i named it the Frankenstein because it is a monster that i created, I have owned the beast for 5 years, and replace all of its parts every 6 months, for upgrades. The macs on the otherhand, become obsolete in a year, and your helpless, making it so if you want to play a new game you have to spend $1000 or more for a new comp, instead of just getting a new graphics card, or processor.

I run Frank on a Decommissioned Military Processor with 4 GHZ, ripped it from a comp i got from a Military auction.
if i had a mac, the Processor and motherboard wouldn't even function. Its a matter of this

Macs are good, if you want a low maintenance computer, with basic functions, that require you to have your computer corporately owned from the company you "bought" it from.

Apple is worse than Microsoft when it comes to corporate domination, no longer can you install Linux or Ubunto onto a Mac computer, and almost all of the programs for make, is made by Apple, or Adobe.

Microsoft, lets you customize every aspect of your hardware and software, I have over 200 Company inside my computer, from ATI and Linux, to The US Military and Mitsubishi, even wacom stuff inside its walls.

I see it like this, Mac is a stream lined beautiful and (supposedly ) Flawless computer system, allowing for convenience for all operations, althought a PC takes more work, and for real PC owner it becomes a Hobby, it gives out better rewards.

Again, i have no hate against mac, but just dont like the fact, if i get a flat tire, i have to bring it to the company to fix it, even though i got spare in the back, and good set of tools.

My final thoughts are. Microsoft Hardware gives you freedom over your things, while its software enslaves you, while unix linix and other OS's give you freedom over both hardware and soft, but saddly Macs offer no freedoms what so ever
im a pc because its a great gaming system (not vista) xp im waiting for windows 7 ( dec 22/09 CANT WAIT) but yes i love the pc alot more than the mac


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