Who'd be up for a pen pal program among nerdfighters? I was just thinking the other day how much I miss writing letters and getting letters. They're much more special than emails or facebook posts. So who thinks it would be a good idea?

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I would love to send and receive letters from nerdfighters. Especially being a as a grown up nerdfighter, getting only bills in the mail gets unfun really fast,lol. Its also a bit odd that we have all of these ways to keep in touch with each other, but long conversations seem to be a thing of the past. :-(
Still in need? I had not seen this yet, but I would very much like to write letters as well.
I'd love to!  :D  I'm in Japan.
want to be my penpal? :) I'm in Sweden! :)
Sure!  :D

oh yay! do I send you a pm with my address and then you reply with yours? :)

Works for me.  :)

Okay, I still haven't heard anything from Emily from Ohio. Does anybody else need a pen pal? I still don't have one.
Hey Lizzy! I'm Allie, also from Ohio. I was going to post for a penpal, but see you're in need. I'm game if you are - I would love to get some mail that doesn't involve bills :D
Haha. YAY! A PENPAL!! Cool. So, I'll message you my address and you can message me yours. YAY! I'm so excited!
Excellent. I've added you and am going to send you my address now! Totally looking forward to this!
I'm from Utah and looking for a pen pal...  From anywhere else. 


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