Because I think we can all agree that friends help decrease world suck.


Hello my name is Megan and I have been a part of the community for over a year and I have barely made friends. I have tried the chat but my attempts at conversation always seem to be looked over.

Anywho, I'm Megan and I love Harry Potter. I have a fondness for Doctor Who and grammar is pretty important. This all seems like pretty generic nerd things or at least for most of those I know IRL. I'm currently attending school for a degree in English writing. I'm a fan of social causes, particularly equal rights for all humans.

Back to Harry Potter! My house is Slytherin and has always been. 

So would you like to be friends?
Let's strike up a conversation! 

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Hi Rebecca! Nice to meet you! Welcome to Nerdfighteria! Hermione is a character I've always identified with,yet she isn't my favorite character. Maybe that says something haha.....I do love Luna-she's so refreshing! I really like Dumbledore and Ron too!
I'm exactly the same as you with Hermione, but I'd have to say my favourite characters are the twins. They are so awesome.
The Twins!! They are definitely in my top favorite characters! I don't know why I didn't think of them!! I think they are my favs actually....

Dumbledore and Ron are great too (haha pretty much all the Weasleys are awsome! :D) i was so upset when Dunbledore died!

ya I know what you mean, when I read that part of the book it actually took me a few tries. I was crying so hard I couldn't read so I had to keep stopping.

And I just remembered another of my favourite characters: DOBBY! He is so cool words can't even describe. :P

Yes Dobby was amazing! It was so sad how in the first part of the last movie Dobby and Hedwig both die! I was very upset about that..

Dobby is so awesome! Kreacher's (just the tiniest bit) better though.
Hi Rebecca! How are you? Just starting university? That is a very exciting time. I hope you enjoy it!
Hi! I'm good, how are you? And I suppose that I didn't word my introduction very well, it's grade 12 next year and then off to university. Oops! Haha but I am definatly very excited to go :)
HI! im harrypotter obsessed nerfighter and im new to this site. be my friend!
Hi Rosalie :) I'll be your friend
Hello Rosalie, I'll be your friend! What's your house? What else do you like doing?


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