Because I think we can all agree that friends help decrease world suck.


Hello my name is Megan and I have been a part of the community for over a year and I have barely made friends. I have tried the chat but my attempts at conversation always seem to be looked over.

Anywho, I'm Megan and I love Harry Potter. I have a fondness for Doctor Who and grammar is pretty important. This all seems like pretty generic nerd things or at least for most of those I know IRL. I'm currently attending school for a degree in English writing. I'm a fan of social causes, particularly equal rights for all humans.

Back to Harry Potter! My house is Slytherin and has always been. 

So would you like to be friends?
Let's strike up a conversation! 

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I'm usually terrible at it too, haha. I'm pretty good. I saw two Harry Potter videos that I love: It's the wrock song by Meekakitty and heyhihello and it's so good. By the Hillywood show, who I love, and it gets me pumped for Part 2!

I feel like I'm getting paid to do this or something haha, I'm just a nerd that wants other people to enjoy this stuff too... >,> I also just saw these videos today. So...

Hi, I'm new here and looking for friends too :D I'm currently re-reading the HP books, at the end of book 5 right now. I'm a Slytherin, though maybe not a typical one ^.^

So I hope it's alright if I add you to my friends list :)

Hi! I feel like I want to say hi to everyone who comments on here but I don't know what to say to everyone!

But I don't think anyone is a "typical" person from their house, I know at least for me I could be in any other house fairly easily but I feel like more of a Ravenclaw.

You can add me to your friends list if you want :]


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