Because I think we can all agree that friends help decrease world suck.


Hello my name is Megan and I have been a part of the community for over a year and I have barely made friends. I have tried the chat but my attempts at conversation always seem to be looked over.

Anywho, I'm Megan and I love Harry Potter. I have a fondness for Doctor Who and grammar is pretty important. This all seems like pretty generic nerd things or at least for most of those I know IRL. I'm currently attending school for a degree in English writing. I'm a fan of social causes, particularly equal rights for all humans.

Back to Harry Potter! My house is Slytherin and has always been. 

So would you like to be friends?
Let's strike up a conversation! 

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Megg Rosoff? What has she written? What would you recommend from her?

As for hobbies, I like crocheting and knitting. I'm pretty good at crocheting but I've just learned knitting so I'm only at the scarf stage haha.

And books. One of my all time favorite books is Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block. I also like Cut by Patricia McCormick.

Hi :) I'm new here haha it's all very new and scary and confusing but also totally awesome all at the same time! I'm a Ravenclaw, fav HP characters are James/Lily, Sirius, Snape, Fred/George....ok, all of them hahaha and I have to say AVPM/S has made me like Umbridge and Voldy lol I love reading anyway, so will read most things. I like watching tv (both good and crap lol)

Hello! AVPM/S are hilarious! What TV shows do you like? I've been rewatching Gilmore Girls lately.


Hi! My name is Kathryn and I would love to become friends! I love Harry Potter and Doctor Who. My favorite House is Ravenclaw and my favorite characters are Fred and George! Who is your favorite Doctor? Mine is the 10th :D I am also an English major and it is my dream to become an English professor and writer! I am also really into social causes, reading, drawing, and playing video games.
Hey Kathryn! My favorite Doctor is Nine. I mean, I've only seen Five, Nine, Ten, and Eleven but, of those, Nine is my favorite. Being an English professor sounds like it would be fun but I don't know if I could handle people. I work at my university's Writing Center right now and it's pretty ridiculous how not good people's papers are. What video games?

Oh my goodness, sorry for the super late reply! I am so happy that you responded :)

Now my favorite Doctor is the 11. My favorite types of video games are RPGs like Final Fantasy, Persona, and Pokemon. I also love horror and adventure games. 

How are your English classes going? I am in my second semester and I love mine.

Hi guys! Wow this sounds like a great thread! Looks like we all have a lot in common.  I've been a Nerdfighter for a loong time but I've never really utilized the Ning.  I decided to change that today because I really want to make friends too.  I have a couple really great friends IRL, don't get me wrong.  But I have exactly ZERO friends into all the same things I am.  They haven't even read Hunger Games for God's sake! Or watched Dr. Who! Right now I'm interning in DC and I don't really have any friends at all.  But the Nerdfighter community is here for me!  Just like you guys, I'm a humongous fan of HP (and all related things, like AVPM), Dr. Who, and The Hunger Games.  I think I'm a Gryffindor.  And I am passionate about  environmentalism.  Are any of you guys going to LeakyCon???

Haven't read the Hunger Games! *gasp*

I'm not going to LeakyCon (I wish). Are you?

You really should read them-they are a superb series! Second fav, after HP.

Yes, I am going to LeakyCon! I'm so excited I can hardly wait!

Oh, oops! I meant 'They haven't read the Hunger Games! *gasp*' not 'I haven't read the Hunger Games! *gasp*.

That was confusing. I love the series too!

You are so lucky to get to go to LeakyCon! I wish I could go

haha ok.  Have you seen Luke Conard's "I Wanna Go" parody?
I just did :D


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