Because I think we can all agree that friends help decrease world suck.


Hello my name is Megan and I have been a part of the community for over a year and I have barely made friends. I have tried the chat but my attempts at conversation always seem to be looked over.

Anywho, I'm Megan and I love Harry Potter. I have a fondness for Doctor Who and grammar is pretty important. This all seems like pretty generic nerd things or at least for most of those I know IRL. I'm currently attending school for a degree in English writing. I'm a fan of social causes, particularly equal rights for all humans.

Back to Harry Potter! My house is Slytherin and has always been. 

So would you like to be friends?
Let's strike up a conversation! 

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Hi! I'd love to be friends. I'm Lily, and I also love Harry Potter (I'm a ravenclaw). I haven't been a nerdfighter for that long, and haven't really made friends either


Who's your favorite Harry Potter character? (mine's snape)

Hi Lily! My favorite Harry Potter character would either be Hermione Granger (I've done full presentations on her but she is kind of a recent like) or Pansy Parkinson. Haha the Pansy one is kind of random but she's been my favorite for a long time. And Ravenclaw is a decent house. I have some friends from there and I'm actually making one of them a Ravenclaw scarf.

So what do you like to do?

My (probably) second favorite would be Lily Evans, so Pansy isn't that random.

I love to read. Books, fanfiction, anything. That's most of what I do with my time

Besides Harry Potter, what books do you like?

Do you ever write Fanfiction?

A little, but I'm not that good.

I'm reading the Uglies series right now, and I love the Anne of Green Gables series

I tried reading the Uglies series and just couldn't get into it.
But the Uglies series is sooo good D:
I just couldn't get into it. I think I got about half way through the first one and just put it down for good. I have a few friends that read them and thought they were awesome. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

True. Have you tried reading any of Scott Westerfeld's other books? I'm in the middle of both the Midnighters and Leviathan. (He's one of my favourite authors.)

I agree with the human rights... But I don't like slytherin.

I would like to make friends here too but I am brand new and I have no clue what I could do...


I hope that isn't a "problem" for you? (the brand new and the slytherin thing?)


That is never a problem! And I know a lot of people seem to have problems with Slytherin and it kind of goes against the human rights thing but not all of us are bad (or completely bad I guess, haha). What house are you in?

What are some of your hobbies?

What kind of books do you like?

I'm Huffelpuff =D

I like drawing a lot and movies and books and music and too much ^^

I like every book of john green and megg rosoff a lot. And harry potter and the hungergames ofcourse!

what about you?


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