Because I think we can all agree that friends help decrease world suck.


Hello my name is Megan and I have been a part of the community for over a year and I have barely made friends. I have tried the chat but my attempts at conversation always seem to be looked over.

Anywho, I'm Megan and I love Harry Potter. I have a fondness for Doctor Who and grammar is pretty important. This all seems like pretty generic nerd things or at least for most of those I know IRL. I'm currently attending school for a degree in English writing. I'm a fan of social causes, particularly equal rights for all humans.

Back to Harry Potter! My house is Slytherin and has always been. 

So would you like to be friends?
Let's strike up a conversation! 

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Hi! I replied earlier and no one replied... But I'm guessing (hoping) no one saw it then. xP (I replied to something like on the 2nd page)

Anyway, I'm Paige. None of my IRL friends are youtubers, or as into Harry Potter as I am, or watched Dr. Who (I think), or anything like that. :/ I haven't read the Hunger Games, but I'm assuming I should. Also, I'm ravenclaw <3 And I fully support all equal rights. Maybe a few exceptions 'cuz it's complicated.

Also I can't go to LeakyCon, I'm actually going to be in Orlando for vacation on the last day of LeakyCon but we'll be by the Smoky Mountains the days before that and it's all set up and stuff. Also I'm going with my family.

But I like friends and I like it when they're real people :P

Hey Paige! You should read the Hunger Games, they're really good. Who's your favorite Harry Potter character?

Go Ravenclaw :)

I don't really have one. I'm terrible at picking favorites most of the time actually, haha. Yeah, I've been trying to think for a few minutes now and really can't come up with one!

I'm horrible at picking a favorite too (there are just so many!) but my friend convinced me with Snape. He has the most interesting character.


I've never seen Dr. Who before, but I keep feeling as if I should start.

You definately should! Just rent out all the DVDs of the new series, and have a Dr. Who marathon!



Nice to meet you Fiaria! Looks like we have a lot of the same interests, so I'm sure we can be friends! Are you a YouTuber yourself, or do you just watch others on YouTube?

Cool! :] And I'm a Youtuber myself


Hello! I also like Harry Potter, Doctor Who and I support equal rights, too. My house is Ravenclaw, although if the Sorting Hat didn't take choice into account it'd be Slytherin. I'm a huge nerd and totally proud of it!

Same here, so I call myself a Slytherclaw.

Hi, I would love to be friends, we have a few things in common- Harry Potter, Doctor Who, grammar being important and I agree with equal human rights.


My name is Vicki I am also a Slytherin :).

I haven't been a Nerdfighter for long, well I guess I was unknowingly but I have only just made an account here and I am looking to make friends. 



hey everyone, I'm kelly :) 

Also a bit of a harry potter fan myself, I'd say I was more slytherin but some say I'm more of a gryffindor haha.

it would be cool to make friends with you all :)

Wow. Hi guys. Sorry I kind of disappeared. I must admit: I'm terrible at keeping up with forums. How is everyone doing?


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