Would mandatory service to the govt be so bad. I think that it is a wonderful idea. It doesn't have to be military but it could pay for further education and training. Give a bonus for serving in the military.At least make it an option for help paying for school.

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Yes mandatory service would be bad.  You've been born into a country through chance and as a result of living in that country, you must be willing to die for its political whims. 

If the service was a good deal, than it could be voluntary and people would enlist. 

There's actually as scene in the Ides of March (2011) where they discuss mandatory service.  The adviser says that it should be proposed because it's sure to win.  People who are over 18 are already exempt and they'll vote because of character building, etc.  And the people are two young to be exempt are also too young to vote. 

Who said anything about willing to die for political wims. There could be other ways to serve such as  for health care, social programs fire fighting, police, ect. I am not talking about military service. I thought I made that clear but military could be the service also.

Consider that not all governments are Western.  My friend received his orders to return to Syria for his mandatory service. 

Yes and what if that service was to be a firefighter or some other type of service to your community even if it was delivering food and water or helping build schools, working in a nature preserve or sweeping a floor, whatever.

If the person wanted to do it, sure.  But there's no benefit to forcing them to do that.  Taking chunks of people's lives and committing it to service is something we do for criminals. 

The government doesn't own any time of your life, it's not theirs set. 

I think this is an interesting question. The word "mandatory" will make this debate more incendiary than is necessary, so let's remove that qualifier for now.

I certainly think that the government should develop more programs that encourage citizens to give a year or two of their lives to service for their country. Take the USA's AmeriCorps program, which recruits 17-late 20 year olds for one to two years of service. At the end of their service the participants receive an education award of $5,500 (per year of service), a vast alumni network, and accumulate unique work and life experiences. Participants receive small stipends during their service to supplement the cost of living. I think if the government wants more volunteers for these important programs (which range from running after school programs, responding to disaster relief requests, mentoring elementary and middle school students, and maintaining national parks) it should 1) start vastly increasing the service stipend and 2) increase alumni benefits such as bigger education awards, full rides to willing universities/vocational schools, etc.

*Disclaimer: I am an AmeriCorps alumna.

I have never heard of that program. How did you hear of it?

If you are interested you should definitely consider it. It's an umbrella organization for tons of service programs like Teach for America, NCCC, SCA, etc.

I am to old for that and don't work anymore I just wanted to know for my kids sake  thanx


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