Today at school I realized something. Girls generally have one of two middle names; Anne/Ann or Marie. How uncreative is that? I mean, literally EVERYONE I asked either had one of those two middle names or were closely related to someone who had one.

The most popular for guys is Michael, apparently.

So what's your middle name? Do you find it embarrassing? Have you ever noticed this trend before?

I like my middle name, even though it IS Marie, like everyone else.

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I have to counter what you have said.
NOT alot of girls have the middle name of Ann\Anne. and btw those are TWO DIF names. not combined. so Ann or Anne. The spelling is close, but they are very different.
I know only 3 people with the middle name Ann.
I know 4 people off the top of my head with the middle name Marie.

Marie is more popular. Ann is not that popular. it prolly also depends upon the area.

Micheal is a very popular guys name. first especially. i only know one with the middle name of Micheal.

I will not state my middle name.

(sorry for for like freaking out. but it bugs me when people think that ann and anne are close. because they aren't. so i appologize for that.) but ann is not that popular.
I was under the impression that "Ann" and "Anne" are both hebrew names have the same meanings (favour or grace or something) and come from the english from of that name, Hannah?
"Ann" is just a different spelling, like "Sara" and "Sarah", surely?
Umm.. i dont think ann\e is herbrewish. and ann means graceful. They dont come from hannah as far as i know... like yeah.. but it bugs me when people think they are the same...... i have a reason. just not one i would say online.. just it bugs me. and they arent the same. (in my view. we all have our own views. understood. been there done that.)
Bsically any name with "an" in it come from the hebrew for graceful. My mom's name is Nancy, my granny's is Anne and I'm Hannah and it all comes from the same root.
Anne and Ann are the same name, just spelt differently (Anne is the French spelling, Ann is the English.)
My first name is Anne-Marie, so guess what...I have no middle name. ^_^

Prior to Hannah's comment I would have guessed Elizabeth an awfully popular middle name, too.
That's a cool name! Two middle names stuffed into one first name! xD
Mine is Antoinette. Yeah, learning to spell that when I was a kid was fun. Oy.
I love your middle name! It's so awesome and unique :D.
I had a similarly fun time learning Anastasia.
I fricken hate my middle name. It IS Ann. My friends now use the new middle name they made up for me: Ron

They probably thought I was kidding when I said it was an improvement.
Mine is Marie too haha!


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