Today at school I realized something. Girls generally have one of two middle names; Anne/Ann or Marie. How uncreative is that? I mean, literally EVERYONE I asked either had one of those two middle names or were closely related to someone who had one.

The most popular for guys is Michael, apparently.

So what's your middle name? Do you find it embarrassing? Have you ever noticed this trend before?

I like my middle name, even though it IS Marie, like everyone else.

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I have two middle names Eva and Marie.

however in my family it's sort of tradition that the second daugther has Eva sa her middle name so both my mother and grandmother and ne has the same middle name. 

I have a friend and although he's not a girl his middle name is awesome. It's xavia.


Interesting. I haven't noticed that before. Mine is Bernadette. Long name huh. My whole name is so long that I just abbreviated it. I'm not embarrassed by it, well, I certainly don't look like a Bernadette.

My 'given' middle name is Rose ( Which is why I go by Rosie here) and then I also have my mother's maiden name as a seperate middle name, it isn't hyphenated. 


I've noticed that a lot of girls my age have the middle name of Rose (I was born in 1994 in Australia) and we all hopelessly claim that each others' parents stole the name of one another. However, it's a pretty name ( hopefully that doesn't sound boastful) and I like it

My middle name is Rose. My little sisters middle name is Lee, and her first name is Emma, so together her name sounds like Emily.
I feel special. I'm a Lynn. :B
Mine's Rae. I hated it when I was a kid for some reason, but now I think it's okay... However, if I could pick my own middle name, I would choose "Noelle" because I've always thought that name is really pretty.
Anyone else here have the middle name Genevieve?
My middle names are Ramona Justice, but I've never met anyone with either of them as a middle name
Mine's Margaret. It's my Grandmother's first name. My friends think it's stupid, but I like it.

Most girls I know have the middle name Louise, Its not even a common first name where I live.


My middle name is Donna, It's my mums name. I like it, although its encouraged people to call me Doner kebab.


Insistently my Mums middle name is Ann.

mine is nicole. Boring.


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