Today at school I realized something. Girls generally have one of two middle names; Anne/Ann or Marie. How uncreative is that? I mean, literally EVERYONE I asked either had one of those two middle names or were closely related to someone who had one.

The most popular for guys is Michael, apparently.

So what's your middle name? Do you find it embarrassing? Have you ever noticed this trend before?

I like my middle name, even though it IS Marie, like everyone else.

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The other day I had this conversation with my friend:

Thai friend: Why do you have a middle name? (in Thailand people don't have nicknames)

Me: I don't know. My mom chose it.

Thai friend: Oh. When do you use it?

Me: I don't.

Which seriously makes me question...WHY DO WE USE MIDDLE NAMES? They aren't really important for "official" things, we never use them, and they're usually just something our parents picked out because they had to.

Anyways, mine is Nicole.

I don't have a middle name...

Neither do I ....when I was little I used to feel so jealous of people who had middle names, believe my first born will have at least one middle name lol

I have neither of those but my sister has one as a middle name and the other (in a different form) as a first name. So I guess on average we each have one?

Everyone in my dad's side of the family and most of my immediate family has two middle names (generally one chosen by the mother and the other chosen by the father) so mine are Louise and Tatiana. Louise is after a relative who lived to be 107 and Tatiana is after a character in an opera. But then again my first name is Katherine which is one of the most common spellings of a fairly common name. And being that I grew up going by Katie, I've met a ton of people with the same first name. I used to want to change it and go my one of my middle names, but now I kind of like it because it means that people rarely forget my name because they generally know at least one person in their family or friend group with the same name. One of my half-brother's middle name is Michael as is one of my dad's (coincidentally since my mother didn't know my dad when he was born). And my mom's middle name was Ann. I love my middle names even if it makes my full name ridiculously long. However, I think that Ann/Anne and Marie are pretty names.

My middle name is Marilyn; it is a mix of my 2 grandmothers' names Mary and Lynn. I've always really liked my middle name because I've never met anyone else who has it. One of my best friend's middle name is Ann and she hates it, not because it's too popular, but because her last name is Anderson so she says it sounds like you are stuttering when you say her full name!

my middle name is Sesibel...... yea...

My middle names are Aroshia Elizabeth, after my great-grandmothers. Mara is a combination of my grandmothers names. My last name included, my mom had a nice string of complicated words to spout out at me when I was in trouble o.o;

I've noticed that too!  Lynn is also VERY common for girls.  My middle name is Matthew.

My middle name is Angeleen Mae

My middle name is Paige. I actually really like it, it goes well with my first name (Kristin Paige). Another really common one for both boys AND girls is Lee. I think there are tons of people with the middle name Lee.  

My middle name is Diane which I like because it sounds threatening every time I say it. Like, "Hi! I'm Katherine DIE ANN Rose."  So it makes up for my very non-scary first and last names.


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