Today at school I realized something. Girls generally have one of two middle names; Anne/Ann or Marie. How uncreative is that? I mean, literally EVERYONE I asked either had one of those two middle names or were closely related to someone who had one.

The most popular for guys is Michael, apparently.

So what's your middle name? Do you find it embarrassing? Have you ever noticed this trend before?

I like my middle name, even though it IS Marie, like everyone else.

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Mine is Rose.  I actually really like it, but don't get to use it all that much.

I like my middle name. It's Jayne. Not a lot of people have it, though it's thought of as a "common" name. Plus, it;s my mother's first name :)

Mine is Windsor. I absolutely love my middle name! I have never met anyone with that as their middle name. I don't think anyone in my family has two middle names.  

I have an interesting middle name! Unfortunately, people say it wrong (like guy announcing at my graduation... even after I corrected him). It's Karii (pronounced Kuh-ree). If it weren't for the fact that people here can't seem to wrap their heads around weird names, I wish it were my first name!

Mine is Ellen. I am half Vietnamese and half Iranian and the best my parents could come up with was Brittany Ellen. Creative, I know..

Mine is Leigh (as is my mom's). I don't ever really use it for anything, but I guess I like it okay.

My middle name is Warren. I'm proud to have a nerdy middle name that people like to use to make jokes about me and rabbits in compromising positions. My sisters' middle names are Jan and Mary. My mother's middle name is Lynch. Ouch.

My middle name is Elliott, it's my mother's maiden name.  I think people don't really use middle names for much, so that probably explains the lack of creativity.  As a side note, one of my friends told me that in his grandmother's Irish Catholic family, all five girls were named Mary and four of them went by their middle name

Mine is Keya. I go by that, so...Kira is really a penname. Anyone get it? Oh, for heaven's sake, why am I so awkward?

I actually go by my middle name thanks to my mom. It's Julianne. My first name is Kristen. It's kind of weird when I'm called Kristen. The trend is recurring, and the more I see it the more I question it.

The other day I had this conversation with my friend:

Thai friend: Why do you have a middle name? (in Thailand people don't have nicknames)

Me: I don't know. My mom chose it.

Thai friend: Oh. When do you use it?

Me: I don't.

Which seriously makes me question...WHY DO WE USE MIDDLE NAMES? They aren't really important for "official" things, we never use them, and they're usually just something our parents picked out because they had to.

Anyways, mine is Nicole.

I don't have a middle name...


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