Today at school I realized something. Girls generally have one of two middle names; Anne/Ann or Marie. How uncreative is that? I mean, literally EVERYONE I asked either had one of those two middle names or were closely related to someone who had one.

The most popular for guys is Michael, apparently.

So what's your middle name? Do you find it embarrassing? Have you ever noticed this trend before?

I like my middle name, even though it IS Marie, like everyone else.

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my middle name is Elizabeth and i dont get y people find their middle names embarrassing...i dont and my sisters middle name is actually one of those!
See!?! Am I right or am I right? Closely related.

*shakes head*
Mine is Anne,
My middle name is also Elizabeth. How many people can possibly have the middle name Elizabeth?
Well, there's me and at least 20 other girls in my school…
Mine is also Elizabethand I love that name. I know 2 people with the first name MARY and 2 people with the first name Ann.... I don't think that's weird.
*joins the Elizabeth cult* :]
I'm an Elizabeth too. My mum let my older sister name me, but when she chose Elizabeth, mum decided she didn't want me to be called Liz or Beth or something like that, so it became my middle name instead. I'm glad it's not my first name.
I'm an Elizabeth as well
I'm also an Elizabeth. I know a lot of people with Ann/Anne as a middle name, but most of my friends have their mother's maiden name as their middle name. And a couple people who go by their middle name, but their first name is something more tradition/conservative.
Mine's Elizabeth too. I actually kinda love it.


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