Seeing a lack of discussions that cover the above subjects, hence, this :D

While this topic wouldn't be that helpful in decreasing world suck and/or increasing world awesome, it's still equally important since like it or not, it is through these factors that our history progressed as it did and our technology has advanced exponentially. And of course, there will be people, me included, that still finds these cool.

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Is this Japan in WW2?   That would be a fairly regular approach to inter-empire peace negotiations.  Seems to rarely involve the conquered peoples though.

Not with increased participation from non-empire nations. That makes for bad publicity.

Define empire, I guess.  Borders change. Often through war.

Bumped with extreme prejudice.

Shameless self-promotion here :p

So most elegent weapon? 

tell me about that guy who supposedly made the repeating crossbow and the kongming lantern thing. was he any good?

by the repeating crossbow do you mean that chinese invention? They weren't very accurate but they rained down a lot of arrows into a crowd.

The most elegent weapon is one in the hands of someone who knows how to use it.

I am very elegent with knives and staff weapons but many others I look like a goof.

I say, an elegant weapon is one that needs not be drawn.

I'd have to go with the sword (European longsword if you're being picky). That's my vote, anyway.

I think our next topic of discussion should be about the pivotal role capitalism played in funding major developments such as the railways...


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