Here is just something i find really inuitive

If you had one million dollars name the first 5 things you would do with it

1. Buy house

2. Furnish house

3.Buy decent car

4. Set up trust funds

5. Buy family pets.

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10 percent church

10 percent charity

A good chunk left for Investments

Move somewhere 3rd world-ish, but politically stable, and tropical-ish and buy a beach (I would say an island but the logistics of your own island is a lot harder to deal with if you like things like electricity, clean fresh water, and any chance of cell phone signal/internet .. as you can see, I have researched this)

Live off the interest, work when I feel like it and spend a lot more time doing very little
Put money away to go to Academy of Art University
Buy a house
Buy a plane ticket to somewhere....
By something wondrous for each of my good friends
1960's soft top convertible Porsche Bathtub with cream interior and butter yellow paint. Fuck. Yes.
1. Chameleon Circuit, in fact no they're worth more than that. Um, I'd pay my parent's mortgage
2. Donate a little bit to Teenage Cancer Trust
3. Money for the London Limkokwing university
4. Tickets for a Chameleon Circuit gig or anything along those lines
5. Invest
1. Buy large solid gold money clip with decorative diamond borders.
2. Buy pinstripe suit, along with fuzzy hat, pimped car, and ornate jewel-encrusted cane.
3. Buy us Nerdfighters an island, maybe Australia...
4. Start up Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster stand in Times Square.
5. Work there for life to pay off gigantic debt.
1. 10% goes to my church
2. Buy my family a house
3. Furnishings for said house
4. Car
5. pay for my currant crappy education then attend The Culinary Institute of America(my dream school)
1. Quit my job

2. Pay off student loans

4. Travel

3. Buy new car

5. Invest a bit
Ugh, I hate these kind of questions. the first thing I'd do would obviously be pay off whatever morgage or other outstanding debts my parents have, and then I would have absolutely no idea what I would spend the rest of it on.
1. Pay off debts
2. Buy 1972 Monte Carlo, paint it flat black.
3. Send my parents on a really nice vacation
4. Buy and renovate a home
5. Travel
1. Pay off my parents' mortgage.
2. Buy a really nice camera.
3. Travel to places I've always wanted to go to: Japan, South Korea, England, and South Africa.
4. Put money in my education fund.
5. Buy a laptop.

After that, I'd just save and use some of it to buy little things that I want.
I would
1. pay off all my parents bills
2. donate some of it
3. buy my parents a new house
4. open up a bakery
5. invest the rest if there is any left over
1. travel to the places i want to go ,NY,Georgia, newfoundland canada and pitt meadow canada
2. move out and buy a house
3. get a dog
4. get a good car/ get a really nice phone
5. go to dennys resturant alot
Well, nowadays a million isn't that much is it?
The shine has gone.

I'd just secretly wire it into my parent's accounts to wipe out their debts and university things.
Then buy a camper van and do it all up, so it's shiny and everything.

Oh, and driving lessons =P


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