Charlie (As in, Charlieissocoollike) tweeted the following -
"I'm going to be talking at @TomorrowsWeb conference on August 8th. Tickets are free! Please come if you can :)" - and I thought it could be cool if some/all of the London-based nerdfighters could head down? I'll be there for sure, but I thought I'd share this info with you all in case more could come :D

"The Tomorrow's Web Conference brings youth and technology together in London, this coming August 8th. It's the first of it's kind to hit the UK, and is already set to be a truly unique and exciting event, and with over 9 hours worth of planned speakers, panels and startup pitches, you can see why!

Learn from the entrepreneurs and innovators of tomorrow, find out what they're thinking about current and future topics on the web. Be part of something extraordinary and talk with future potential Mark Zuckerbergs. As well as playing a key role in supporting the future of the industry.

From designers to developers, entrepreneurs to podcasters, meet and discuss the future of the web and everything in between, all at the 2009 Tomorrow's Web Conference."

It's on Saturday, August 08, 2009 from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (GMT) at the Keyworth Center, Keyworth Street, SE1 6NG

Tickets are free - :)

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