I think it's time for another unofficial blurbing book club selection!  You've probably already heard of this book, as John Green has blurbed the book and is the author's sort of mentor, but I'm only just reading it now and I think it's wonderful! Slightly creepy, with all the photographs, I also think it's excellent winter-time reading.

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs


You know the drill by now.  Read the book, and then come back here and discuss it AND blurb it.


So, for those of you who've read the book already, what did you think of it?

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I actually read the book over the summer, and it was fantastic. I loved the way that the pictures both supported the plot and drove the plot, and that they were at the same time beautiful and disturbing. I love this new genre of books-that-aren't-quite-picture-books but still include far more pictures than most books due, such as The Invention of Hugo Cabret. I also think it was a very unique way in which to approach the standard "magical children" type book. The time-travelling nerd in me wasn't very happy with the ending since now Jacob is interfering with his own personal timeline, but I'm curious as to where the sequel is going to go so for now I'll give it a pass.

So, my blurb: "Everyone learns to let go of childhood fantasies, but sometimes the monsters of your childhood are real. Jacob Portman is struggling to cope with his grandfathers gruesome murder, while trying to separate his grandfather's ramblings from the stories of his childhood. A series of clues leads Jacob on an adventure to a tiny island, where he finds that the fantastic photographs of his childhood may be connected to the horrible nightmares of his present."

Not my best writing but in my defense it IS finals week and my brain is well and truly fried right now. 

At school we watched the book trailer, and when I saw John had blurbed it, I reserved it immediately. I can't wait to read it :D

I bought this books almost immediately after it came out, though it took me a few more months for me to read it, when I did I love it.

First, I had my mother read it because I knew she could finish it in a day and wanted to get her opinion of it first. She did like it and told me I would enjoy it just as much.

The first thing that caught my eye was simply how nice it looked. The quality of the paper, the photographs' quality (despite their age) and the vintage feel it gave.

For a new novel writer such as Ransom, I was incredibly impressed. I definitely cannot wait for the second book to come out, with new photos and an extension of an already well-done story line.

Wow--this couldn't have come up at a more convenient time; I've just finished reading it with my school's book club.

And, let me say: the moment I finished, I placed it carefully in its beautiful little book jacket and moved it into my Favourites Shelf.

I'm always on the stalker-esque look-out for meaningful, quirky books that can bring about both laughter and sobs for me to stifle during classes, and this book certainly succeeded my search--I mean, not thirty pages in and I'm on the verge of death over multiethnic Santas and flamingo orgies. As well, I've developed an obscene love for this form of photo-and-story story telling--I'm always appreciative for any aid in putting a face to a character, yet something has always unsettled me about placing drawn images in novels(but them remaining a totally different thing than graphic novels). Gives me some ideas for my own career...

Also, the quality of the book's material itself was pretty mind-blowing to me. Semi-glossed, pure white, thick pages(so thick that my dog-ears left raised creases in the paper), and uncanny amounts of ink usage--seriously, a whole page of colored inking just to signify that your chapter has changed? Just... I sort of had a qualitygasm at the sight of the thing.

All in all, one of the best books I've ever read. Ransom Riggs now sits on a high tier of my Tower of Talent.

I JUST finished this book last night!  It's been on my to-read shelf for a while.  I found elements of 3 of my favorite books:  The Mysterious Benedict Society, The Postcard, and Tuck Everlasting. 

I liked Jacob a lot.  He is a character I think most people can relate to.  I wasn't so sure about Miss Peregrine, and I think the author left the door open to a sequel.  I don't know about that . . . I get nervous when a first book is really good, I guess because I worry that the follow-up won't be up to snuff.

I was in the middle of reading it...and then my kindle broke. I really liked what I had read so far, but I don't really want to give an official opinion until I finish it. 

I completely agree with all the raves. I'm not gonna blurb it, because I think everyone before has done a pretty nice job of it anyway. But I picked it up at John's recommendation at then tore through it in two days. I'm in high school, and for the longest, longest time I've felt so stressed out and buried in schoolwork and college applications that I literally have not had time to read. But MPHfPC demanded my attention, which I really appreciated. That, and it sent me on a reading kick that I haven't been able to have in a long while =)

One criticism of the book though, besides all the time-travel stuff that I know includes flaws but that I don't understand wholly enough to discuss: Jacob's relationship with Emma is a little weird, isn't it? It moves very quickly even for a short book. The fast pace of it combined with their sometime cheesy declarations of love to one another in moments of peril sort of makes it seem too teenager-y (even though they are); thinking they're in love before they really know one another. I just wish Riggs would have slowed that down a little, or maybe made Emma seem like less of a cougar.

Any thoughts?  

I loved it, and I have a waiting list to read it in my 7th and 8th grade classroom.  I would have liked it anyway because the idea is so original, but the story was engaging and the characters were interesting.

I just bought this last night. I can't wait to start reading it. It seems awesome.

I just started it today. Im just at chapter 3 but so far im really loving it. The creepiest picture to me is the one with the guy with the mouth at the back of his head. I swear i stared for at least 5minutes. I cant wait to finish it. 

I got the book as a gift and I loved it!  The pictures helped tell the story that was in words and told a story of their own as well.  Like the book the photos are sweet and scary and really just make you wonder.  Jacob is a fun character to read because he is believable and heartfelt.  I was also impressed with the was Riggs was able to make all the little points of the plot come back to be bigger and more important than they seem at first.  The contrast between the creepiness of the bombed out house and the one in the time loop is really interesting as well as he was able to make the characters seem sweet and friendly but also in some ways terrifying made it a really interesting read.  All in all, it is a must read.

I read the book a few day's ago and it was OK; But not really anything special. I liked the beginning, but I just didn't like the rest of the book. I loved the pictures, but I felt like they created a certain feeling to the book the the writing should do. The book just relied to much on the pictures


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